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Occupy Toronto’s Davyn Calfchild Gets Racist With A Black Cop!

Tonight, as the protesters were attacking police officers in front of the Toronto Police Service’s 14 Division, our good friend Davyn Calfchild (a.k.a. Davin Ouilet) joined in with a double helping of racist comments. He began by yelling at the police saying “You can’t f##king own our land forever!”. A couple minutes later he yelled out …

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Ontario Healthcare Coalition Puts (Racist, Violent) Occupy Toronto Livestream Back Online! (feat. Fred Hahn & Judy Rebick)

Two weekends ago members of Occupy Toronto gathered on the campus of Ryerson University for an 80 hour (dodgy) fundraiser, hoping to collect money to pay for the costs of operating their wireless data connection. Their event quickly degraded into a violent, racist and anti-Semitic hate fest. Later, after their fiasco became a national news …

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Occupy Toronto Livestreamers Threaten Journalist(s?) From Ryerson University On Wednesday

Occupy Toronto’s Livestreamers showed-up at Ryerson University again last night for a follow-up to their 80 hour fundraiser. It seems they made a rather big mistake over the weekend- telling people to send their money to a PayPal account that wasn’t under their control. They have no idea who has the money, so they broadcast …

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A Quick Update On Occupy Toronto’s Unfortunate Incident At Ryerson University…

UPDATE: Jeremy Oliver claims that he wasn’t the person who tried to suppress the video of what happened Saturday, and was referring to another video that called him out on making a false claim of police violence. Considering his history of making false claims, I leave it to my readers to decide… ______________________________________________ After 80 …

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[Updated] Occupy Toronto Launches A Somewhat Misleading Fundraiser! (Feat. Captain Yarr!)

UPDATE: Captain Yarr has announced that Ryerson University professor (and anarchist supporter) Judy Rebick will be joining on Saturday or Sunday to support his cop-baiting Livestream! UPDATE 2: I’ve been told that it wasn’t the wireless stick that was stolen at Zach Ruiter’s protest, but ‘something else’. What it was has not been disclosed- supposedly, …

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