Jun 20

[Updated] The Occupy And G20 Anarchists Behind The Scene At The Enbridge Pipeline Hijacking…

Native representatives (Ruby Montour on right)

Native “official” representatives (Ruby Montour on right)

UPDATE: The Media Co-Op has removed Trish Mills’ story from their website. A cached version is available here.

A group of people have occupied a pipeline pumping station today. Enbridge has put in an application to reverse the flow of “Line 9″ from the current east-to-west, to carry oil from west-to-east. The protesters are concerned that the reversal will result in the line being used to carry bitumen from the Tar/Oil Sands. Proponents of the change say it will help Canada’s east coast reduce our reliance on imported oil.

Like most contemporary environmental protests, the activists have used indigenous representatives to speak with the media- it’s a common tactic. In this case the spokespeople come from the Six Nations reserve, but are not official representatives of the band council. Ruby Montour (on the right) is a well-known professional protester who was recently sued for $350,000 for her participation in protests in Brantford in 2007-08.

But, despite the presence of indigenous spokespeople, this protest is very similar to the Sarnia rail blockade this winter- and includes some of the same Occupy Toronto anarchists who were found behind the scene back in December…

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Jun 19

BC Civil Liberties Association Continues Their Tradition Of Supporting Masked Terrorists (feat. David Eby & Michael Byers)

This was enabled by the BCCLA...

This was enabled by the BCCLA…

Back during the 2010 Olympics a group of masked thugs terrorized the city smashing windows, throwing around furniture & newspaper boxes, and clashing in a street fight with the police. The violence was enabled by David Eby, then the head of the BC Civil Liberties Association. Eby had prior knowledge of what was to happen and, on request of the criminals, he withdrew the BCCLA’s legal observers so that they couldn’t be used as witnesses for the crimes that were to happen that day. It was not until after the damage was done that Eby spoke out against the crimes. To date, no apologies have been made for enabling the violence.

As a result of this and other violent incidents the federal government has passed bill C-309, a law that bans the use of masks during a riot or an unlawful assembly- the maximum penalty will now be a 10 year prison sentence. Most Canadians and peaceful activists look at this as a positive step towards disabling criminals from disrupting and perverting peaceful protests. Unfortunately, it appears the BCCLA doesn’t agree.

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Jun 16

Kent County Protests: Why We Can’t Trust The Sierra Club & Council Of Canadians To Protect The Environment…

When 'prayer' becomes cop-baiting...

When ‘prayer’ becomes cop-baiting…

People have gathered in Kent County this week to protest an energy company that’s recently begun exploring for sources of natural gas in local shale formations. SWN Resources has brought in ‘thumper’ trucks to do the job- seismic surveying tools that send (harmless) shock waves into the earth that are used to map underground rock formations. This data is then taken and interpreted by geologists who advise on the presence of gas deposits.

The fight against this exploration has brought together protesters from the Council of Canadians, Sierra Club, indigenous groups and local residents. Unfortunately this (valid) protest has quickly turned into a three ring circus- rather than using it as an opportunity to spread awareness of the dangers of fracking, they’ve instead engaged in a cop baiting extravaganza. After some arrests, the Sierra Club and the Council of Canadians have responded by issuing a seriously misleading press release…

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Jun 15

Watermelon Environmentalist Admits It’s All About Israel! (feat. Macdonald Stainsby & DGR)

Macdonald Stainsby- Yes, he's as evil as he looks...

Macdonald Stainsby- The David Duke of the tar sands?  (And as nasty as they come)

One of the commonalities I’ve observed in Canada’s socialist activist communities is that very little is as it looks on the surface- there’s almost always a hidden agenda. A great example of this was when 100′s of members of the Toronto activist community joined in to support 22 striking Porter Airlines refuellers. At first glance it appeared only to be an extraordinary amount of support- but, looking behind the curtains, it became apparent that some members of Porter’s board are strong supporters of Israel and work with Barrick Gold. Sakura Saunder’s protests against Barrick are no different- their CEO, Peter Munk, is a great supporter of the Jewish National Fund.

Macdonald Stainsby is the perfect embodiment of a watermelon activist (green on the outside, red in the middle), and one of the most influential Canadian environmental activists you’ve probably never heard of. Ten years ago he was quite prominent when he setup the website Oil Sands Truth. But, he’s since gone somewhat underground trotting around the globe, but leaving public (and arrestable) protests to people lower down on the totem pole. This week, after returning from Mongolia (who pays for this?), he wrote a report on his trip that gives us further insight into the ulterior motives of Canada’s watermelon environmentalists…

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Jun 14

[Updated] Ivan Drury’s Downtown Neighbourhood Council Cedes Defeat Over Pidgin Restaurant Protest!

Na, na, na, na...

Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey- goodbye!

UPDATE: According to the below screenshot, Ivan isn’t exactly happy about this announcement- it looks like there’s dissent within the ranks at the DNC!



The Pidgin restaurant protest was one of the most contentious protests in the history of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). A group of malcontents, many associated with the DTES Neighbourhood Council (DNC) and the Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP) decided they didn’t like the presence of Brandon Grossutti’s new restaurant and that they would unilaterally shut it down. Classy.

As time went by the protests went progressively more out of hand. First, the Vancity credit union threatened to withdraw funds from CCAP- Ivan Drury and Wendy Pederson both ended up resigning. Next there was the arrest of animal rights activist Robyn Pickell for dangerously trying to chain people inside the building, and of COPE executive Kim Hearty for theft, assault & mischief. Obviously things weren’t going well for the miscreants protesters.

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