Aug 16

Ezra Levant Pummels Swamp Line 9 Protesters At Hamilton Court Protest!

Mike Roy of The Indignants gets pummelled by Ezra Levant...

Mike Roy of The Indignants gets pummelled by Ezra Levant…

The protesters who occupied the Line 9 pumping station in Westover had their first day in court on Wednesday. To celebrate, they and their allies arranged a pre-court protest. A motley crew of anarchists, rabble rousers, and useful idiots showed up- and, as expected, they seriously went off the rails. What was billed as a ‘peaceful protest’ became anything but.

Due to economic constraints (donations are much appreciated), Your Humble Narrator wasn’t able to make it out to Hamilton. Luckily, Ezra Levant was able to go to and document the mayhem for us. After a long day of travel and filming, he spent the entire night writing an epic monologue outlining his observations. On Thursday I had the pleasure of joining Ezra in his studio to watch the taping- it was the most entertaining afternoon I’ve had in a while.

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Aug 15

The Sierra Club, Polaris Institute, NDP & Green Party’s Co-Optation Of Grassroots Movements…


Heather Martin has done a lot of great work helping to expose Kevin Annett’s con-artistry on her blog StopKevinAnnett. Her research has been meticulous, and she takes an incredibly even handed approach to her stories. I’ve learned a lot from Heather, and continue to do so.

Yesterday she published what I think is her best work ever- outlining her experiences looking for a place in the Saskatchewan activist community where she can work on projects that are important to her. Similar to my experience, she quickly discovered that the activist community has been usurped by a small community of people with deep connections to the political/NGO establishment. We’ve both independently discovered that it’s all being run by the same group of Activistocrats: from coast-to-coast-to-coast…

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Aug 13

Ontario Federation of Labour’s Communications Director Attacks UndercoverKity’s Camera! (feat. Joel Duff)

Joel Duff- OFL Union Thug...

Joel Duff- OFL Executive & Union Thug…

Today was Toronto’s second major protest over the police shooting of Sammy Yatim, a young man who was shot nine times and Tazered by a Toronto police officer after refusing instructions to drop his knife while standing in a streetcar. Videos filmed by people who watched the shooting look pretty bad for the officer who pulled the trigger- public sentiment is that it didn’t have to end that way.

The first march was led by  the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and No One Is Illegal- two of the most pro violence organizations in the country. Both groups have close affiliations with the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL)- an umbrella group for provincial unions that’s not shy to promote purveyors of violence. Riding on the coattails of OCAP’s cooptation of the Yatim family’s quest for justice, the OFL called a press conference today to make themselves the centre of attention in the family’s cause.

UndercoverKity and Your Humble Narrator showed up for the presser- we’ve both been reporting on the story, and were interested to hear what they’d have to say. Upon our arrival, it took less than a minute before UndercoverKity was attacked by a union thug…

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Aug 12

[UPDATED] Sierra Club Executive Chelsea Flook Shares An Anarchist “CUPE Joke”

Taylor & Chelsea Flook show-off their masks in what they call a "CUPE Joke"

??? & Chelsea Flook show-off their masks in what they call a “CUPE Joke”

UPDATE: One of the two people in this picture was originally identfied as Taylor Flook, who has written to me to say it wasn’t her. I am currently waiting for comment from her on who the other person is alleged to be…


If you’ve been following Your Humble Narrator’s stories about the elite clique of protesters who share the “Love Is The Movement” tattoo, you’ll probably recognize the Flook sisters. Chelsea is the Executive Director of the Sierra Club’s Prairie Chapter, her sister Taylor is an assistant director who works in the Ontario film industry. And, outside of their blood relationship, the two have quite a lot in common.

First, they both share the same tattoo, as do many of their friends in the activist community. Both were also involved in the hijacking of the Occupy movement on behalf of the old-left. Chelsea led the appropriation of Occupy Edmonton while Taylor helped out at Occupy Toronto- both had a reputation for being incredibly nasty to anyone who got in their way. And last, but not least, they both have an affinity for all things anarchist.

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Aug 12

Love Is The Movement! (feat. Clayton Thomas-Muller & Mr. Bill)

Oh No! We're being exposed!

Oh No! We’re being exposed!

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