Mar 23

[Updated] Open Letter To Ryerson University Engineering Students About Thursday’s Hazing…

This is not okay...

This is not okay…

Update: Sheldon Levy, the president of Ryerson University just released a letter harshly denouncing Thursday’s hazing.

Dear Ryerson Engineering Students,

One of the most effective first steps used to dehumanize people is to ask them to take off their clothes in the presence of fully dressed leaders. This practice is so effective it’s become a standard procedure in the military, prisons, gulags and the TSA. Luckily for air travellers, the humiliation only goes as far as a strip-search.

Commanding people to crawl on the ground is an effective technique that’s particularly favoured by the military and people in sadomasochist relationships. In the gulags they’d make people line up outside and stand naked in the snow. Regardless of their tactics militaries, prisons, gulags, gangs and the Ryerson University Engineering program have at least one thing in common- each has an established tradition of dehumanizing initiation rituals…

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Mar 22

Ryerson University Students Subjected To Sexualized Hazing And Humiliation…

Yes, he's smacking her ass...

Yes, he’s smacking her behind…

I was walking out of the Eaton Centre this afternoon, at Dundas Square, when I saw a group of Ryerson students run past in what first appeared to be some sort of a group prank. There were two distinct groups- those who were wearing coveralls with “Ryerson Engineering” logos on them, and another group who were wearing either their underwear or t-shirts and shorts.

It was quickly apparent that the students in the coveralls were in-charge. Some of those in coveralls were spraying super-sized squirt guns on the scantily dressed students, others were yelling commands at them like drill sergeants. While some of the students were having a great time, it was obvious that others weren’t. You could see the mix of anger, humiliation and cold on their faces (it was about +1 Celsius at the time).

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Mar 18

Kevin Annett Gets His Official Ugly Stick! (feat. Rainbow Warrior Speak, RCMP & The Antichrist!)

Talk slickly and carry a big stick...

(Rainbow Warrior Talk & Kevin Annett): Talk slick and carry a big stick…

I’ve been avoiding writing about Kevin Annett the past few weeks. The word is out, most reasonable people understand he’s a complete fraud (including his fraudulent claim to have discovered a mass grave in Brantford, Ontario), and he’s been putting out a lot of complete nonsense- only a fool would believe in Annett these days. Unfortunately there are many fools on our world, and it would be a herculean task to help each of them.

Annett is the guy who (with a few fools, and some professional con-men) created his own “Common Law Court” that he say’s have the legitimacy to issue (and act upon) arrest warrants to the Pope (both new-Pope & old-Pope), the Queen, the head of the RCMP, and a long list of other people. The best analogy for his court would be a group of kids in a schoolyard playground play acting Judge Judy, or perhaps re-enacting their parent’s divorce.

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Mar 16

Video: OCAP Members Show Their True Colours! (feat. Mark Brill & Doug Hatlem Johnson)

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Mar 14

Porter Airlines, Anarchists, Unions & G20 Apologists (feat. Humberto DaSilva, Alex Hundert & Officer Bubbles)


Masked men blocking the ferry to Billy Bishop airport…

Porter Airlines is in the midst of a labour dispute. Their refuelling staff at Toronto’s Billy Bishop airport recently organized under COPE (Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union), contract negotiations have failed, and the workers have walked-out. Porter has trained alternate staff to do the refueller’s work and there have been no reported delays due to refuelling issues. So, the striking workers are in a difficult spot.

Last week militant labour unions rallied together in support of the Porter workers. There were a number of high-profile executives at the rally, led by Sid Ryan of the Ontario Federation of Labour. While executives often attended their rank & file were less enthusiastic to show, and less willing to get arrested for wildcat actions. The OFL’s solution was to bus in a group of anarchists who they would outsource the dirty work to.

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