Nov 07

Astroturf Environmentalists Hijack Grassroots At CPC Convention Protest (Feat Suzuki, Levant DePape & Alinsky)

Can you spot the Sierra Club anarchist?

Can you spot the Sierra Club anarchist?

This week the Conservative party held its convention in Calgary. It was a good choice, the Prime Minister’s riding is there and it’s an easy city for the CPC to round up a nice sized crowd. There’s also an added benefit- Alberta’s a lot less left-leaning than the rest of the country, so it’s more difficult for Harper’s rapid detractors to build up any resistance.

With so few supporters in Calgary and the high cost of shipping people in, what’s the union/ENGO industrial complex to do? The answer is simple, it’s a tactic they’ve been using since time immemorial- drag other groups into their web and try to hijack their movements. In this case they used the same leaders and activist superstars who helped during the Canadian Occupy movement.

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Nov 02

It’s Oh So Quiet…

I’ve been quiet the past couple of weeks and some of my readers have reached out to ask if everything is okay (thank you for caring friends). Life is good, I’ve spent most of my time researching for some interesting stories on the history of Christian anarchists in Canada. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting my first story early next week.

-Your Humble Narrator

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Oct 18

Who Set The RCMP Cars On Fire At The Mi’kmaq Fracking Protest? (feat. Harrison Friesen & Jayson Fleury)

He's not a cop...

He’s not a cop…

An interesting picture has been bouncing around the Internet this morning (see above), claiming that indigenous protester Harrison Friesen is responsible for lighting police cars on fire during yesterday’s clash with New Brunswick RCMP. The image also states that Friesen is both an RCMP and CIA informant- a popular accusation used by far left radicals to push out people who they disagree with.

But, is it true that Friesen set yesterday’s fires? His past tells a different story- in fact, Friesen spoke out against arson during the G20. That said, he has an interesting companion on his trip out to New Brunswick- a well known cop baiter who’s known for his love of fire…

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Oct 17

New Brunswick Mi’kmaq Warriors, Molotov Cocktails, The Media Co-Op & Lies (Feat. Miles Howe)

Miles Howe: Don't trust this reporter, or his publisher...

Miles Howe: Don’t trust this reporter, or his publisher…

Big news is coming out of New Brunswick today. According to reports that came from the Media Co-Op’s Miles Howe this morning, Mi’kmaq Warriors have been throwing Molotov cocktails- a report from the CBC indicates police cars have been set on fire too. But, of course, we have to ask the question: can we trust what the media has been telling us?

Unfortunately, not all media can be trusted. The CBC has a bad habit of not publishing uncomfortable truths- the Sammy Yatim marches were a perfect example, his family led chants of “kill all pigs” and CBC news deemed it not important enough to report on. And, as today’s story gives further evidence of, the Media Co-Op is probably the worst source of all…

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Oct 07

US Consulate Issues Exaggerated “Anarchist” Security Alert For Downtown Toronto (Feat. Julian Ichim)

US Consulate in Toronto...

US Consulate in Toronto…

On September 1st a group of professional protesters were left to wreak havoc on the streets of Toronto. They blocked traffic, harassed motorists, and eventually smashed the windshield of a woman’s car. Toronto cops were there to manage the protesters, but they only protected their own police stations- people on the streets were left to fend for themselves without protection. The result was a major embarrassment for the Toronto Police Service, and a wake-up call for Torontonians about the current state of political policing.

Your Humble Narrator broke the story, and published the film of the mayhem and window smashing. It appears that someone within the US Government’s security apparatus came across the article and used it in a security alert, warning American citizens about a “dangerous” situation in downtown Toronto. The problem is that they exaggerated and got much of the story wrong.

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