Jul 10

Sun News: Canadian Political Violence (feat. Greg Renouf)

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Jul 08

Love Is The Movement Tattoos: The Mark Of The Activistocrat (feat. TIDES Foundation & Hollyhock)

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After almost two years of research it’s become quite clear that a large part of Canada’ environmental protest movement is organized an led by a small, tightly knit, group of people. They have a lot of commonalities between each other- the tactics they use, their connections to unions, the messages they put out, and their connections to TIDES Foundation NGO’s. People at Occupy Toronto outside their circles coined a name for these professional activists: Activistocrats.

Well, it turns out that a number of the activistocrats have one more thing in common, many wear the same tattoo- the mark of the Activistocrat…

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Jul 07

Activists, Anarchists, Arson, Political Theatre And Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson’s Peter Principle…

Gregor Robertson- If only it were as easy as building bike lanes!

Gregor Robertson- If only it were as easy as building bike lanes!

Yesterday Vancouver’s Gastown Gazette published a story calling on Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson to “Take Action Before Arson”. The article was in reference to the alleged violence and mayhem being caused by the city’s anti gentrification extremists. They’ve been harassing business owners (and their customers), vandalizing, and marching down the streets with lit torches- yet, the response from the city has been weak. It was only after an East Vancouver house got burned down that it seemed mayor Robertson was ready to take any real action.

On Friday, a group of protesters gathered in front of the Cuchillo restaurant, some were wearing masks. Protesters chanted about matches, torches and burning-down condos. The Gastown Gazette has called on the mayor to take action before this happens. It’s a noble thought, but it’s equally totally misguided- Gregor Robertson’s handling of the anarchists has been a massive fail.

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Jul 07

Cheri DiNovo Slaps Eco-Terrorist Training Camp For Excluding Trans Women! (Feat. Deep Green Resistance)

Cheri DiNovo- Encouraging anarchist follies...

Cheri DiNovo at Zach Ruiter’s Racist Anti-Police Rally

The Deep Green Resistance are a cult-like organization of anarcho-primitivists. It’s their belief that the world is about to end and that the only solution is to abandon industrialization and live off the land. They have a plan to get us there too- a revolutionary battle cry calling the people to blow up dams, power lines, factories and smash the state! The DGR are (wannabe) eco-terrorists.

This week Parkdale’s MPP Cheri DiNovo stepped out and took a curious stand against the DGR. The first surprise is that she actually denounced an anarchist group- she’s spent a lot of time around them over the past year including Zach Ruiter’s GE-Hitachi mess, with the Sea Shepherds at Marineland, and at the anarcho-syndicalist marches at Porter Airlines. Despite the anarchist’s bad behaviour at these events, DiNovo has consistently neglected to speak out.

But the bigger surprise was that her complaints had absolutely nothing to do with the fact DGR is a violence promoting obedience cult. DiNovo’s complaint is that this cult is prejudiced against and excludes trans people from their training camps…

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Jul 05

[Updated] Crown Corporation Conducts Illegal Intrusion Into Nuttall & Korody’s Home (feat. CBC News)


Screenshot from CBC New’s story on the bomber’s apartment

Update: A report by the Canadian Press has quoted the landlord saying the police told him it was okay to show the apartment to reporters. The landlord, reporters, and (maybe) police should all know better than this.

On July 2nd Canadians were awakened with news that the RCMP have arrested two people for terrorist offences John Nuttall and Amanda Korody allegedly placed pressure cooker bombs on the lawn of the provincial legislature in Victoria BC for the July 1 Canada Day festivities. Luckily (for Victoria) the bombers were provided with inert materials.

For Steve Lus of CBC News and Jonathan Hayward of the Canadian Press (and perhaps others) the alleged bombing attempt gave them the opportunity to sink to a new level of opportunist depravity. Nuttall & Korody’s landlord allowed the journalists to walk through their home without prior consent. Lus & Hayward went as far as to take pictures of intimate parts of the couple’s lives- their editors went as far as to publish them, even picture’s of cat food bowls.

Josh Paterson of the BC Civil Liberties Association quickly jumped in, rightly stating that members of the media violated the couple’s rights. That’s good, but Paterson missed out on what’s potentially a much larger issue- the CBC is a Crown Corporation, owned by the government.  A government employee just walked into the couple’s house uninvited (and without a warrant), took pictures, and published them for the whole world to see.

Public humiliation- Maoist & Soviet dictatorship style…

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