Jan 17

Dear Roseanne Barr: Please Stop Promoting Kevin Annett, He’s A Monster


Dear Roseanne,

It’s been over two years since we last spoke during Occupy. I appreciated back then how you helped stand-up against the people who were promoting violence in the movement. Ever since that incident I’ve only had good feelings about you- so, please understand, I come in peace.

Today I learned some deeply disturbing information that you’ve been promoting a man named Kevin Annett- a con-artist who has been abusing Canada’s indigenous communities for many years. I’m writing to warn you about Annett, and to appeal to you to help reverse the damage he’s caused.

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Jan 14

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May Invokes Godwin’s Law On Climate Change!

Your Humble Narrator filmed the above video on October 15th at a 350.org fundraiser in Toronto. In it, May invokes Godwin’s law by comparing the fight against Hitler’s Germany to the fight against climate change. More interestingly, she next gives us a glimpse of the totalitarian world the Green Party is planning for us- explaining how the state should take drastic war-time action and dictate the business models of Canadian industry.

And here’s another interesting video from a conversation last night…

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Jan 11

Toronto Twitter Troll Trial Exposes Jezebel’s Trigger Happy Gender Baiting (Feat. Lindy West)

Lindy West: Overzealous Feminist

Lindy West: Overzealous Feminist Writer

Jezebel.com is a radical feminist website owned by Gawker that’s known as one of the most angry and controversial addresses on the Internet. Their articles are often visceral, intentionally provocative, and occasionally demeaning towards men. Jezebel has an unabashed agenda to promote radical feminism über alles- which is fair, we all have the privilege of free speech (at least, until Jezebel types rule the world).

One of Jezebel’s favourite issues is online harassment and “stalking”, so it’s no surprise to see them chiming in on the Gregory Alan Elliott Twitter trolling trial. Elliott has been charged with criminal harassment for sending unwanted tweets to three Toronto feminists- the type of case that gives wet dreams to your average Jezebel writer.

Lindy West jumped onto the case with so much gusto she forgot to check her facts…

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Jan 10

Was Antonia Zerbisias Article On Twitter “Troll” Gregory Alan Elliott A Vindictive Attack?

Antonia Zerbisias: Anarchist aficionado with a taste for beer...

Antonia Zerbisias: Anarchist aficionado with a taste for beer…

Gregory Alan Elliott used to be a royal pain in the ass. Elliott was a prolific user of Twitter who was notorious for his snarkiness and persistence. Some of Elliott’s tweets were funny, some exposed the hypocrisy of our politicians, but there were tweets that a few thought crossed the line. Now he’s been banned from using the Internet and in the process of being tried for criminal harassment. The court has already determined that no threats were made.

Stephanie Guthrie (@AmIRightFolks) is a Toronto feminist who (according to the Toronto Star) has taken on a “war against the trolls”. This isn’t the first time she’s taken on people she and her friends have deemed as misogynists; in a previous incident she used social media to expose and chastise someone who created a provocative game where the (distasteful) goal was to use violence against a feminist character.

Guthrie is also incredibly well connected with Toronto’s left leaning political class including a number of outspoken city councillors (we’ll get to this in a future instalment)- people whose hypocrisy Elliot gets great amusement out of exposing. Their allies in the media have been pummelling Elliott like Rocky Balboa in a meat plant. Of all the journalists who’ve covered Elliott’s story, one sticks out as having been particularly nasty- and, perhaps, vindictive…

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Jan 07

Idle No More Unmasked Part III: Let’s Follow The Money! (Feat. David Eby, Neil Young & Hollyhock)



In Part I of this series we explored the David Suzuki Foundation’s involvement with Idle No More and how they neglected to disclose their stakeholder status in their letters to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In Part II, we looked into the background of INM’s webmaster and his connections to a global “revolution industry” that helped bring activist violence back in vogue.

In this instalment we’re going to kick things up a notch and start following the money. It’s a fascinating journey that will introduce many characters familiar to readers of this site, while exposing the money making machine that feeds some of Canada’s most high-profile union/NGO affiliated professional protesters. Join us as we dig deeper into the belly of the beast that’s been corrupting grassroots movements.

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