Jun 11

The Globe & Mail Falls Hook, Line & Sinker For Iranian TV’s Anti-Canadian Fish Story (feat. Patricia Kelly & PressTV)

Patricia Kelly & Anthony James Hall with the Mennonite Church.

Patricia Kelly & Anthony James Hall in the Mennonite Church newsletter

Last July PressTV broadcast what was undoubtedly their greatest ever fish story. Being a propaganda arm of the Iranian government they’ve told a lot of whoppers. This story is no different that way, but it does have an amusing twist. It actually involves fish- documenting the perils faced by Patricia Kelly as she battled for her rights as a member of the Sto:Lo nation.

After nine years and two hundred appearances later a decision has finally been made. The court granted an absolute discharge and compensated Kelly for all but 276 of the 296 salmon confiscated from her by Fisheries And Oceans Canada as she delivered them to a commercial fish distributor. Kelly’s total compensation was $2,482- or, $9 per fish.

Kelly declared her case to be a major victory for indigenous fishing rights. In an interview with Kelly, Mark Hume of the Globe & Mail appears to have fallen for her story hook, line & sinker. Hume omits to mention how Kelly’s entangled with revolutionary activists who’ve been appropriating the voices of native communities across the country. He also leaves out how some of these activists are working with at least one hostile foreign government. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jun 06

Amy Goodman Backs The Voices Of Violent Canadian Revolutionaries (feat. Media Co-Op & Rabble)

This is what a violent revolutionary looks like?

This is what a violent revolutionary looks like?

As Canada’s experiences with the Toronto G20, 2010 Olympics, and Vancouver’s anti-gentrification kerfufel show us- there are people in Canada’s activist community who’ve begun to get out of hand. There thousands of people across the country who espouse the use of political violence, and hundreds who misguidedly follow their guidance. Many of them are just dumb kids who wouldn’t otherwise be so bold. Some of those kids lives got screwed up- if this escalation continues it’s likely there’ll be plenty more.

As when diagnosing any social problem, it’s important to ask the question of who benefits from it and who are the enablers. In Canada, a bit part of the problem comes from the media- from the both far left outlets that promote the violence, and the those in the centre who rarely dig deep enough to find the real story. Both sides are, in part, culpable for where we are today.

Enter Amy Goodman of Democracy Now…

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Jun 05

COPE Executive Arrested For Theft, Assault & Mischief At Pidgin Restaurant Protest (feat. Kim Hearty)

Handcuff marks after Kim Hearty's arrest...

Handcuff marks after Kim Hearty’s arrest…

Yesterday I broke the story about The Case of the Disappearing Pickle- a fake pickle mascot that protesters left unattended at the door of the Pidgin restaurant. The pickle was taken by away by someone at the restaurant, yesterday the Vancouver Police confirmed that the pickle was being held in their custody. It turns out I was correct speculating there would be consequences-  one of the alleged pickle culprits was taken into custody on Monday morning.

Most of the reports in the media didn’t indicate the name of the person who was arrested- the VPD’s official statement was that they would not name the person who was arrested until the Crown Council had approved the charges. But, people on the side of the person arrested were not so discreet- they’ve now published that the arrestee was Kim Hearty, a member of the executive of the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE). The CBC has also reported this fact.

This is going to be very interesting…

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Jun 03

The Case Of The Disappearing Pickle And The Continuing Agitation At The Pidgin Restaurant


A few days later a house was burned down…

If there’s one thing that can be agreed on since Vancouver radicals upped the ante with an arson in May- the city is in a bit of a pickle. There are individuals in the Downtown Eastside who’ve been radicalizing parts of the community for years. And, now, it’s got to the point where political extremists are running around with torches believing the city is all theirs.

What comes next in the progression from traffic blocking, to flaming torches, to arson is anybody’s guess…

Currently the most potent symbol of the fight against gentrification is the Pidgin restaurant. Pidgin is a mid-priced establishment built across the street from Pidgin park, a gathering place for many of the city’s poorest people.  Pidgin’s average priced dish is $12-$16, one of the lowest priced options is the “daily pickles” which costs $5.

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Jun 02

Iranian PressTV Broadcasts Homophobic Anti-Harper Hate Smears (feat. Joshua Blakeney)

Look! Another white guy with a native revolutionary flag!

Look! Another white guy with a native revolutionary flag!

Joshua Blakeney is one of the most disturbing journalists in Canada. On the one hand he comes across as harmless, a babbling idiot who publishes stories worthy of the National Enquirer. Most people don’t believe his fish stories, it’s hard to take them seriously when peppered with stupidity. My favourite was the one that said the Canadian government was trying to kill off west coast natives by causing the extinction of Pacific salmon. It was a classic Blakeneyism.

This week Blakeney crowned his previous achievements of the heights of stupidity- going all homophobic on us. There’s so much wrong with this that I hardly know where to start…

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