Aug 05

Recently Busted London Ontario Anarchist Collective Promotes Eco-Terrorist Arson! (feat. The Indignants & Olivia Chow)

Two weeks ago the police in London, Ontario raided members of The Indignants- an anarchist led “media collective” with close ties to Sid Ryan, the Ontario Federation of Labour, and the several Ontario unions. As expected, their supporters complained that they were facing “police oppression”- and, a group of the usual suspects showed up at the courthouse to support them.

The thee people who were arrested for (allegedly) vandalizing a brick wall in a London alleyway and later complained that their arrest was over something petty. But, when you look into this group, it becomes apparent that people inside of it have been promoting criminal activity. Today they posted the above video on their Facebook which gives us further evidence of this…

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Aug 03

Occupy Toronto’s Davyn Calfchild Talks About “Foreigner” Cops!

No comment is really necessary. If you’re new to this story, I recommend reading this link.

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Aug 02

Militant Anarchists & Unionists Help Toronto Police Officer Buy His Wife A New Jet-Ski! (Satire)

Officer lucky counting his May Day overtime...

Officer John B Lucky counting his May Day overtime…

NOTE: As it says on the title, this article is satire, many of the quotes are not really attributed to those who were quoted. (the obvious ones)

Back in Mid-April Toronto police officer John B. Lucky was feeling pretty low. Summer was coming, and he wanted to buy his wife Jane a special birthday present- a brand new Jet Ski. He knew he was in trouble, on the last day of the 2012 season her Jet Ski started spraying oil all over her new swimsuit. He’d just bought himself a new ride. When asked about the incident, Jane stated that “he could have given me his old one, but sold it to the dealer before he even offered”.

His plan was simple, save enough money for a down payment on July 1st so it can be delivered for her birthday today, on August 2nd. But things didn’t go very well, he didn’t get enough overtime in April and it looked like he’d be two or three hundred dollars short. But then, on the week of April 28, the stars aligned. Thanks to a booking snafu at his precinct he got a couple back-to-back shifts, earning some great overtime. But even then he didn’t have enough- he said he was worried that his wife “is going to kick my ass”.

But, then, something magical happened. A group of people from anarchist, Maoist, unionist and socialist obedience cults banded together in solidarity of Officer Lucky’s dilemma- conducting a special fund-raiser for hard working cops across the city!

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Jul 31

[UPDATED] OCAP’s Co-Optation Of Sammy Yatim’s Killing, And How His Family & Friends Came Out As Heroes…

Sammy's relations asking the crowd to calm down...

Sammy’s relations asking the crowd to calm down…

UPDATE: It’s probably no surprise to see that OCAP’s sponsor, Sid Ryan’s Ontario Federation of Labour has released a statement on Yatim’s case, continuing the pattern of exploitation.


On July 29th a young man named Sammy Yatim was shot and kiled by police while standing inside of a Toronto streetcar waving around a knife. It’s impossible to know the details of what happened without an investigation, but the initially released videos didn’t look very good. Most people who’ve watched them now question if something was done wrong- including Yatim’s family and friends.

Shortly after the videos went viral, the union affiliated Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) did something entirely transparent and predictable- publishing a call for an anti-police rally to protest the killings. This, of course, brought in hoards of self-promoters, anti police extremists, angry loners and militant anarchists- OCAP is a magnet for those who want to riot against the police. But, 90% of the crowd were good people who simply came to express their sorrow over an undeniable tragedy.

Situations like this have the potential to be highly volatile. This march was no exception, OCAP’ers are legendary for their raw hate of all things police. And, they’re well organized entryists- when facing their prey, they’ve often been successful appropriating other people’s causes. But this time things were different, Sammy Yatim’s friends and family were too strong to succumb to OCAP’s weaknesses.

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Jul 30

Occupy Toronto’s Davyn Calfchild Gets Racist With A Black Cop!

Davyn Calfchild performing a sacred cigarette break...

Davyn Calfchild performing a sacred cigarette break…

Tonight, as the protesters were attacking police officers in front of the Toronto Police Service’s 14 Division, our good friend Davyn Calfchild (a.k.a. Davin Ouilet) joined in with a double helping of racist comments. He began by yelling at the police saying “You can’t f##king own our land forever!”. A couple minutes later he yelled out an incredibly racist remark to a black police officer:

“He must have done that to his own people back in Africa!”

There was no way to determine if the cop came from Africa, he spoke fluent Canadian English. Really, there was no excuse- what Calfchild said to the cop was incredibly racist. A black woman beside him look horrified when someone behind him laughed at his statement. As she should have been- what he said was totally wrong.

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