Sep 08

Toronto Protesters Give Inadequate Excuses For Last Week’s Mayhem (feat. Cathy Walker & Davin Ouimet)

Last week a group of protesters caused mayhem on the streets of Toronto- causing gridlock, intimidating motorists and smashing a car’s windshield while a woman was alone inside of it. In response to criticism, they came out with some rather inadequate excuses for their bad behaviour. The fact Toronto’s activist community continues to support this behaviour is evidence of their moral bankruptcy…

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Sep 02

Toronto Protesters Go Wild: Drivers Intimidated, Windshield Smashed, Police Absent…

This is going way too far now...

Things have gone way too far now…

Earlier during this week one of Toronto’s most prolific professional protesters got into trouble with the police. He was stopped while allegedly running a red light on his bike- when asked for his identification he responded saying “who are you!”. This, of course, didn’t work out very well- moments later he was in handcuffs. His name is Davin Ouilet (a.k.a. Davyn Calfchild) and he’s a well known cop baiter who often gets racist towards the police.

In Ouilet’s version of the story, the police threatened to kill him and his family if he was ever seen protesting in front of the 14 Division police station- this may or may not be true. Davin has told some tall tales in the past, and has already made conflicting statements about having been beaten that day- later admitting that he wasn’t.

A rally was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. And, despite the activist community’s outspokenness against racism, many of Ontario’s biggest activist stars showed-up in solidarity. It didn’t take more than a few minutes before things got ugly. There were clashes with the police, a few hundred drivers were inconvenienced (by a group of 20-30 people) and one unfortunate person had their windshield smashed.

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Aug 29

Davyn Calfchild’s Dodgy Police Violence Claim… (feat. Zach Ruiter & Darryl Richardson)

Davyn got belligerent with the police...

Davyn admitted he got belligerent with the police…

For the first time in memory, Davyn Calfchild (a.k.a. Davin Ouimet) missed his Occupy Toronto Livestream show last week. It’s unknown if he’s finally given up, or is simply taking a break- the Livestreamers have been a lot more cautious with their words lately, perhaps they’re getting tired of having their misdeeds exposed. But, never worry, plenty of entertainment is still to be had.

Calfchild was stopped by the police yesterday after they alleged he ran a red light on his e-bike. When they asked him to stop and give his identification Davyn responded with his trademark comment “who are you!”. Davyn has stated in the past that he believes his indigenous status means that he’s immune from talking to the police. It didn’t work out very well for him this time…

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Aug 26

G20 Anarchists & Registered Charities Leave A Chilling Message At Kathleen Wynne’s Home

Yes, it's always the same cast of characters...

Yes, it’s always the same cast of characters…

In 1970 it was exposed that two companies polluted Ontario’s English-Wabigoon water system with methyl mercury- a substance they used to create caustic soda and chlorine for pulp mills. With an abundance of hydro electricity the most cost effective option was to use mercury based solution- despite the availability of other technologies. The people of the Grassy Narrows and Wabaseemoong First Nations were downstream, some in their community were diagnosed with mercury poisoning.

The legal complexities of the case were enormous, so it was eventually decided to make a settlement. Millions of dollars were paid out, but the water is still polluted. Estimates claim it could take 100 years for it to fully recover. There are, rightly, many angry people- it was a well known fact that mercury is toxic centuries before the plant was constructed.

When there’s anger to be cultivated in indigenous communities Canada’s radical left obedience cults are never far behind. The story of the Grassy Narrows is the perfect example. People there have partnered with some of the most problematic pro-violence anarchists in the country. Sunday’s protest at Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s house was an excellent opportunity to observe the radicalization – also to expose some of the players behind the scenes.

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Aug 25

Video Preview: Anarchist Led Rabble At Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Home…

A preview of what Your Humble narrator observed while covering the anarchist and other radical left protesters rabble at Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s house this afternoon. Notice how Sayed Hussan of No One Is Illegal gets the crowd to chant “justice for Grassy”. It’s all eerily familiar to the last big protest he led when he helped co-opt the Sammy Yatim march. Is Hussan simply on auto-pilot, or is this an intentional provocation?

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