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Redwashing Watermelons Earn Airmiles Marching For Transitional Demands At The People’s Climate March

New York City will be the host to the annual United Nations Climate Summit next week. As usual, whenever these meetings happen, Canada’s high-profile activists will contribute to the world’s carbon count by travelling to the host city, consuming more trees drawing-up their signs, and forcing the city’s drivers to idle their cars while protesters …

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[Updated] Slacktivist Exploitation Of Missing Toronto Women Has Unintended Consequences

Update: The two teenage girls have now been found. Update 2:¬†Corrected¬†a mistake: Paisley Ray’s spreadsheet separated the men into their own tab, I missed that. Ray has created a Storify page of her tweets. I use an app on my phone to subscribe to the Toronto Police Service’s news release updates. It’s an interesting barometer …

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Letter To Kristyn Wong-Tam About The Cost Of Policing Toronto’s Events (Feat. Christopher Hume & QUAIA)

Hi Kristyn, I was (begrudgingly) reading the Toronto Star this afternoon when I came across Christopher Hume’s article about how Toronto Police officers Make Out Like Bandits when working to provide security at our city’s events. I don’t agree with you very often, but I must say that I’m absolutely on the same page. I’ve …

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TDSB Administration Cancels Anarchist Field Trip! (And The Failure Of Their Safe Space Policy)

Last Friday this site broke the story of how pupils at Toronto’s Student School planned to join a group of anarchists at their annual protest against Barrick Gold’s AGM. Led by American professional protester Sakura Saunders, the anti-Barrick protests are perfect example of how Toronto’s union affiliated activist community has evolved into a distasteful self-parody. …

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Idle No More Unmasked Part III: Let’s Follow The Money! (Feat. David Eby, Neil Young & Hollyhock)

Introduction: In Part I of this series we explored the David Suzuki Foundation’s involvement with Idle No More and how they neglected to disclose their stakeholder status in their letters to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In Part II, we looked into the background of INM’s webmaster and his connections to a global “revolution industry” that …

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