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Idle No More Unmasked Part II: Who’s The American That Runs The Website? (Feat. Clayton Thomas-Muller)

NOTE: Part I of this series can be found here If you’ve spent time reading through Idle No More’s website you’ve probably seen Spencer Mann’s name a few times. Mann is Idle No More’s webmaster, and appears to be responsible for the majority of the content posted on the site. Mann is the sole proprietor …

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Talking With Ezra Levant About The Usual Suspects (Feat. Line 9)

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Yawn, Another Line 9 Pipeline Occupation… (Feat. The Usual Suspects)

  A group of the usual suspects occupied an Enbridge construction site in north Toronto today. Protesting the Line 9 reversal project, the protesters claimed that Enbridge was jumping the gun on construction. Enbridge claims this was a maintenance project- something anti-pipeline protesters often complain the company doesn’t do enough of. Are we confused yet? …

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Why Are Homeland Security And The RCMP Investigating Toronto Activist Sakura Saunders? (Feat. Taliban Billy)

Sakura Saunders is what CSIS or the RCMP would refer to as a multi-issue extremist. She leads militant (and often illegal) actions against mining, oil, Israel, the police, and whatta ya got. Part anarchist and part socialist- it’s not the cause that matters as much as the opportunity to stir-up her revolutionary followers (that, and to fulfil …

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Is OCAP Trying To Setup Mayor Rob Ford? (Feat. Sigrid Kneve & The Mystery Man)

Remembrance Day was last week, a non-holiday (most people work) where Canadians take a brief moment to remember people who have fought and died at war. Despite his having just admitted lying to the whole city, Mayor Rob Ford showed up to preside over the ceremonies. This of course meant that Ford had to endure …

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