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Remembrance Day Update: Elder Activist Criticises First Nations Protester & APTN Interviews Toronto Police (Feat. John Fox Sr.)

Yesterday a group of self promoting professional activists intentionally caused a disturbance at Toronto’s Remembrance Day ceremonies. The pack was led by Davyn Calfchild/Ouimet, an indigenous/Yemeni protester who has been tried the same trick for three years in a row now- march into the ceremonies wearing fatigues (with a Bob Marley Lion of Zion patch …

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US Consulate Issues Exaggerated “Anarchist” Security Alert For Downtown Toronto (Feat. Julian Ichim)

On September 1st a group of professional protesters were left to wreak havoc on the streets of Toronto. They blocked traffic, harassed motorists, and eventually smashed the windshield of a woman’s car. Toronto cops were there to manage the protesters, but they only protected their own police stations- people on the streets were left to …

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CUPE Assists OCAP Lawbreakers In Their Stupidest Protest Ever! (feat. Alex Hundert)

Events led by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty always make for an exciting story, yesterday’s housing protest was no exception. The fun began at Alan Gardens park where OCAP members bribed about 200 useful idiots to show up with food, free bus tokens and a license to create mayhem on the streets of Toronto. It …

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Why unifor Scares Me (Part I: Feat Naomi Klein & Harsha Walia)

Will Canada’s new militant union back the use of violence? Will they back those who profess violence? What will this mean for Toronto’s 2015 Pan-Am Games?

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[UPDATED] Ontario Common Front: Where Unions, Activists & Anarchists Converge…

Update/Correction: Dan Beaudoin is not a member of the Indignants, but is very close with them. The Ontario Common Front describes itself as “a coalition of over 90 community groups and labour unions that represent millions of Ontarians”. Looking at their list of endorsing organizations one will see many Ontario unions- but, also, some of …

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