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Analysis of an Occupy Toronto Lynch Mob!

What happened at the Occupy Toronto General Assembly last night left me deeply saddened. I was invited to this meeting to discuss people’s allegations against me, and was fully prepared to do this- wasted two days preparing a thorough response. Then, when I arrived, Alex Hundert (head of AW@L, friend of Harsha Walia, and no …

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BullyWatch: Judy Rebick Supports The Man Who Assaulted Me Last Night!


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BullyWatch: I Was Assaulted today By Black Bloc Terrorists

Alex Hundert- the man people misguidedly view as a hero for being dumb enough for getting caught during the G20, brought two other big scary looking men with him and blocked my access to the GA. The police came, they lied to them, nothing happened in the end. Occupy held a meeting, discussed me, and …

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