BullyWatch: Judy Rebick Supports The Man Who Assaulted Me Last Night!

Fast-forward to 7:55 in this video and you will see that Judy Rebick supports the man who assaulted me last night! She also supports Krystalline Kraus, the woman who lied about me last night!

Alex is the head of Aw@l, Ontario’s most violent Black Bloc organization! But, wait, isn’t Judy on-the-record for being anti Black Bloc? What’s going on here Judy? Please answer me, or I will be filing a complaint with the police tomorrow.

Judy Rebick with Dave Vasey, Trying On his hat! WTF???

I’m concerned you are persecuting me for that story I did where you refused to help or acknowledge the Black Bloc issue in Vancouver. Say it ain’t true Jude!

So many coincidences!

Judy,are you the head of the Black Bloc?

Okay,this is getting weird!

Post G20:  Alex Hundert, Judy Rebick, Harsha Walia

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