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What happened at the Occupy Toronto General Assembly last night left me deeply saddened. I was invited to this meeting to discuss people’s allegations against me, and was fully prepared to do this- wasted two days preparing a thorough response. Then, when I arrived, Alex Hundert (head of AW@L, friend of Harsha Walia, and no relation to Occupy Toronto) was blocking my entrance with two of his goons.

There were so many things wrong with last night, let me outline a few:

  1. I was not allowed to attend my own trial
  2. I was given no quantification to any of the allegations against me
  3. There was no consensus reached but a judgement was issued

There are a lot of people who are unhappy with what happened- me included. What happened last night violated the spirit of the Occupy movement, and threatens to kill Occupy Toronto. This makes me very sad.

Here are some of the reactions from a thread on Occupy Toronto’s Facebook page today. All of the messages from this thread have been included:

Sherrie Lee, I’m shocked that Occupy would pull something like this too! And Katie, I don’t know you and you don’t know me- so, how are you so sure this was a good thing to do?

Just to make a clarification here- no member of Occupy Toronto physically attacked me last night- the two attacks I was subjected to were from Alex Hundert and someone who I believe was also a member of AW@L. A couple members of the Occupy Toronto Marshals offered to help force my way into the building, but I refused their help- being a nonviolent Buddhist leaning person, I could not condone anything that leads towards violence…

I’d say that the Occupy movement has become half Animal Farm, and half Lord of The Flies. I keep waiting for someone to steal piggies glasses!

Rob Chamberland, the Crazy CUPE Guy, is back to his regular lies. Rob is a CUPE executive, the president of a local chapter, and someone I’ve never met- yet, he claims to know so much about me! The more interactions I have with CUPE the more I feel that they have a serious problem…

Tami Cosmic, you were a part of one of the most violent events at Occupy Vancouver- weren’t you? I believe you were helping lead the “Anti-Oppression” meeting during the 2nd week at a General Assembly. Remember that one? Where you guys spent two hours talking about oppression and then called a meeting to discuss further that was for women only?

I’ll never forget how hurt people who complained were when they were told it was unreasonable to complain and that they should “check their white privilege“. It took me over three hours to console the hurt feelings of a homeless woman with a mental illness after that…

Rob, if you are comfortable about what happened, you are crazier than I thought. Why not quantify your ad-hominem attacks on my character? Do you have the brains and courage to do that?

It really astounded me to see that I’m allowed to keep my friendships with people at OT! Wow, what sort of a statement is that? This really is Animal Farm…

This last posting by “Augustus Oktavius” is so full of manure that it could fertilize half of Saskatchewan! I challenge anyone to quantify evidence that even alludes to my being who he says I am.

Any takers? Augustus Oktavius, are you man-enough to stand behind your words? Or will you take the cowardly way out?

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  1. Yuppers. real democracy was in action this day . Look at it this way Greg, these guys want the socialist / communist party to take over Canada. they are certainly doing a great job of practicing communism . All that’ s left now is the goose stepping. Maybe we can Vasey to do a training session on that .

    1. I was hoping that the Crazy CUPE guy was going to teach that one! Krazy Krystalling Kraus can do the part on Secret Policing!

  2. Greg, I have no idea from this what someone has claimed you did, but it sounds like to me, for whatever reason/s, there has been some major hypocrisy by not following basic “right to defend yourself” principles.

    As for the claims about ppl wanting the commie parties to take over and using Occupy as a platform for that, I would not be surprised. I would also not be surprised if there are people who are trying to get neo-nazi (but not specifically fascist) groups to do the same (and all shades in the middle, might I add). Perhaps you can correct me re: Toronto specifically, but Occupy has this wish-wash of disaffected people giving it a go, and we all know that being pissed off at the gubbernets/bigcorps isn’t strictly a wing based perspective.

    But there is a difference between political opportunism (ie random protest groups hijacked by party X) and the general douche-baggery of power plays. Whoever didn’t allow your right to defend yourself may well just be from door number two, not door number one. On the other hand, could be both.

    Or, it could be that people are so fucking messed up by the way we all live at the moment that we know that there is a better way to do things, but we lack the skills in doing so. Human weakness & enculturation. This could apply to everyone, even the opportunists and the really nice folks.

    On the upside, AFAIK there is no need to stay with Occupy Toronto. You can set up your own ancillary occupation anywhere you like. Occupy [Greg Picks it Out With his mates] the more sites the better, so why not? There you can apply what you’ve learned; i.e. what happened in your situation and how this can be avoided (what they did, what you did etc) in the future.

    Good luck with everything. I hope the Canada movement gets past this hurdle and so do you!

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