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Who Is This Guy, and Who Does He work for?

I’ve had my doubts about Chris for a while now- he has been involved in several incidents where people were summarily ‘banished’ from Occupy Vancouver. (Curiously, this list is now larger that those who still work with OV…) There is a curious coincidence between Chris’ name, and the name of a quite famous BC NDP …

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Great Video on Occupy Vancouver

I have a lot of friends on this video- miss y’all. And, Captain Sweep speaks brilliantly about our cause. (Though they play his least great moment at the very end…) Related articles This picture of Occupy Vancouver is poetic… (www.genuinewitty.com) Occupy Vancouver Has Set the Mark (stevebeckow.com) Occupy Vancouver Protesters Assault Videographer (pixiq.com) Vancouver “Occupyers” …

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There’s something happening here…

Cortes Island is seducing me, grabbing my imagination and opening my mind to new possibilities.

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@VancouverPD: We need some answers!

Dear Chief Chu, Your officers know me; I’m the one who has been fighting to ensure Occupy Vancouver live up to our anti-violent commitment. I’m the one who stood up on Oct 8th and yelled out:  “Are the police not members of the 99%?” We’ve coexisted at OV for over a month now, and the relationship …

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