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[Updated] Ivan Drury’s Downtown Neighbourhood Council Cedes Defeat Over Pidgin Restaurant Protest!

UPDATE: According to the below screenshot, Ivan isn’t exactly happy about this announcement- it looks like there’s dissent within the ranks at the DNC! ————————————- The Pidgin restaurant protest was one of the most┬ácontentious┬áprotests in the history of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). A group of malcontents, many associated with the DTES Neighbourhood Council (DNC) and …

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Further Evidence The Vancouver Observer’s Linda Solomon Is The Worst Kind Of Hack… (feat. Kevin Annett)

  Back in January I published a story about Linda Solomon, the founder and publisher of the Vancouver Observer who launched her newspaper with a rather misleading statement. She claimed that she is a “Pulitzer Nominated” journalist. The problem is that she doesn’t qualify to use that title- a person’s only considered to be a …

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The Globe & Mail Falls Hook, Line & Sinker For Iranian TV’s Anti-Canadian Fish Story (feat. Patricia Kelly & PressTV)

Last July PressTV broadcast what was undoubtedly their greatest ever fish story. Being a propaganda arm of the Iranian government they’ve told a lot of whoppers. This story is no different that way, but it does have an amusing twist. It actually involves fish- documenting the perils faced by Patricia Kelly as she battled for …

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COPE Executive Arrested For Theft, Assault & Mischief At Pidgin Restaurant Protest (feat. Kim Hearty)

Yesterday I broke the story about The Case of the Disappearing Pickle– a fake pickle mascot that protesters left unattended at the door of the Pidgin restaurant. The pickle was taken by away by someone at the restaurant, yesterday the Vancouver Police confirmed that the pickle was being held in their custody. It turns out …

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MediaWatch: Rabble’s Krystalline Kraus Misleads The Public On Renaming Of A Vancouver Island Park…

I was reading Rabble.ca on Thursday (I read it so you don’t have to) when I came across an interesting article by Krystalline Kraus. As my regular readers will already know, Krause is far from being a reliable journalist- often it seems she writes more lies than truth. My favourite example of her ineptitude was …

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