Eva Botton’s G20 Criminal Sentencing (And Anarchist-On-Anarchist Court Intimidation…)

This week saw the sentencing of one of the last people residing in Canada being tried for the violence during the Toronto G20 summit (they’re moving onto Americans now). Eva Botton was convicted on six counts of Damage over $5,000, and one last count for using a disguise. Botton was part of a Black Bloc, …

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Porter Airlines, Anarchists, Unions & G20 Apologists (feat. Humberto DaSilva, Alex Hundert & Officer Bubbles)

Porter Airlines is in the midst of a labour dispute. Their refuelling staff at Toronto’s Billy Bishop airport recently organized under COPE (Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union), contract negotiations have failed, and the workers have walked-out. Porter has trained alternate staff to do the refueller’s work and there have been no reported delays due to …

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How The Unions Are Using Anarchist Thugs To Muscle Porter Airlines (feat. Sid Ryan, Tony DePaulo & Ken Lewenza)

There’s a labour dispute erupting at Porter Airlines. Porter staff who are responsible for refuelling the planes joined COPE (Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union) last August- since then, negotiations haven’t gone well.  Porter offered its staff a 25% increase in their minimum hourly wage from $12.50 to $14.50. On January 10th Porter refuellers walked off the …

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Last Week’s Liberal Convention Protest: Some Bullies, Liars, And 11,800 Decent Folk (feat. Sid Ryan)

Last Saturday was the “Rally For Rights And Democracy” in Toronto. It was organized by the Ontario Federation of Labour- Sid Ryan was the major star of the day. The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) had a major presence, as did the Steelworkers, the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), teacher’s unions, and the …

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The Continuing Saga Of Jason “Reacharound” Bowman… (feat. Mohawk Workers)

Jason Bowman is a self-proclaimed ‘white saviour’. He first came to attention during the Kevin Annett fraud– when he and Annett made the (fraudulent) claim of filing a lawsuit against the Queen, the government and the Pope. Then there was Bowman’s infamous press conference where he asked me for a reacharound. Unfortunately for them, I …

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