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Idle No More Unmasked Part I: What Didn’t The Suzuki Foundation Disclose In Their Letter To Stephen Harper?

Introduction: Idle No More, so the legend tells us, is a grassroots movement started by four indigenous women from Saskatchewan who were unhappy with parts of the federal government budget bill C-45. The movement’s message inspired protests across the country- most were peaceful, but there were incidents where militants took advantage leading blockades, and tampering …

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Remembrance Day Update: Elder Activist Criticises First Nations Protester & APTN Interviews Toronto Police (Feat. John Fox Sr.)

Yesterday a group of self promoting professional activists intentionally caused a disturbance at Toronto’s Remembrance Day ceremonies. The pack was led by Davyn Calfchild/Ouimet, an indigenous/Yemeni protester who has been tried the same trick for three years in a row now- march into the ceremonies wearing fatigues (with a Bob Marley Lion of Zion patch …

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Toronto Protesters Give Inadequate Excuses For Last Week’s Mayhem (feat. Cathy Walker & Davin Ouimet)

Last week a group of protesters caused mayhem on the streets of Toronto– causing gridlock, intimidating motorists and smashing a car’s windshield while a woman was alone inside of it. In response to criticism, they came out with some rather inadequate excuses for their bad behaviour. The fact Toronto’s activist community continues to support this …

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G20 Anarchists & Registered Charities Leave A Chilling Message At Kathleen Wynne’s Home

In 1970 it was exposed that two companies polluted Ontario’s English-Wabigoon water system with methyl mercury- a substance they used to create caustic soda and chlorine for pulp mills. With an abundance of hydro electricity the most cost effective option was to use mercury based solution- despite the availability of other technologies. The people of …

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Swamp Line 9 Protester Gary Wassaykeesic Has A Message For The People Of Westover Ontario!

The Swamp Line 9 occupation of an Enbridge pumping station took place in the sleepy town of Westover, Ontario. Media reports indicate that most of the people of Westover weren’t happy about the protesters invading their town. Protesters were marching down their streets, blocking traffic, and causing a general disturbance. On the day of his …

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