Swamp Line 9 Protester Gary Wassaykeesic Has A Message For The People Of Westover Ontario!

The Swamp Line 9 occupation of an Enbridge pumping station took place in the sleepy town of Westover, Ontario. Media reports indicate that most of the people of Westover weren’t happy about the protesters invading their town. Protesters were marching down their streets, blocking traffic, and causing a general disturbance.

On the day of his first court appearance in Hamilton, protester Gary Wassaykeesic (who was arrested at the protest for mischief and breaking and entering) filmed a special message to the people of Westover saying:

“Westover should be f##king thanking us. For letting the world that a small shit little town like Westover actually exists!”

Someone really needs to tell these people that this isn’t the right way to get people on their side. It’s almost as if they’re intentionally trying to get people to hate their cause…

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