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Alex Hundert: A Violent Offender and a Danger to Us All

One of the problems with Canada’s radical left is their tendency to make heroes out of dirty thugs. Alex Hundert is probably the best example of this madness- let me share his story with you…

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Some More On The Black Bloc

Am I the only person who thinks it was a curious choice of the CBC (a curious channel) to use a professor from York University? And, doesn’t it seem a bit scripted how he talks about the unions helping find the police during Montebello? Something smells funny here…

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Letter to Judy Rebick: Are You Leading The Canadian Black Bloc?

Dear Judy,Back in January, at the height of some of the attacks against me coming from supporters of Black Bloc, I decided I would make an effort to contact high-profile people who’ve spoken out against Black Bloc tactics in the past. So, I got onto Google and began my search for someone who could help …

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Harsha Walia & Harjap Grewal (Council of Canadians) Wearing Masks At the G20?

And, does this make them terrorists?

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Police Caught as Agent Provocateurs/Black Bloc in Montebello

This is real folks- in Canada, our government have been using Black Bloc tactics to discredit protest movements. We need a national inquiry!Equally, the Occupy movement should not tolerate Black Bloc tactics- they enable the police to infiltrate us…

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