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The Mystery Of The G20 Scary Cop Lady…

One of the most debated issues from the G20 has been the question of how connected the police were to the Black Bloc. And, the most famous, and analysed, film clip from back then has got to be the film of the ‘Scary Cop Lady’. She’s called that because she’s a mystery- nobody knows her name, …

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Alex Hundert Is Going To Jail Tomorrow

Before anyone decides to canonize Alex tomorrow, I thought I’d post this I recorded the night he tried to block me from accessing an Occupy Toronto general assembly. I believe his saying “I don’t give a f##k about the law” says it all. He’s a criminal- pure & simple…

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MediaWatch: Julian Ichim vs. the Toronto Police (featuring Krystalline Kraus!)

Krusty old Krystalline Kraus is back at it again– doing her important job of keeping Rabble’s content scaling-up on the bullshit index. But, what would one expect- Rabble & Krystalline put out more BS than the state of Texas! This time she is harping on-behalf of a dangerously violent member of the Black Bloc- Julian Ichim. …

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A Letter To The Archbishop Of Toronto About My Incidents With Maggie Helwig

You may remember I wrote a letter to Archbishop Hiltz of the Canadian Anglican church after Maggie Helwig tried to bully and get me to leave her church. I received a call from the Archbishop’s office a couple of weeks later, asking me if it was acceptable that they forward this matter to Colin Johnson, …

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Black Bloc Unmasked: And Brandon Gray’s Real Name Is…

Okay, I’ve kept y’all in suspense for way too long now- time to unmask another Black Bloc anarchist!

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