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Professor David McNally On Marxisms (feat. Zach Ruiter & The Occupy Hijackers…)

http://youtu.be/KrevZTxJLV8 In my very long article on the ruckus at the University of Toronto, I mentioned a professor from York University professor David McNally. In the article I called for him, and others, to take leadership in helping fix Toronto’s problem with group political bullying. Well, less than 24 hours later- anti-nuclear anarchist Zach Ruiter …

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Who’s Responsible For The University of Toronto’s Anti-Patriarch Hate Party? (feat. Vanja Krajina & the Old-Left)

There’s a global controversy brewing around the University of Toronto right now. It all started on November 16th when a group of radical feminists, anarchists, and some students (who said they were sent by their Women’s Studies class) showed up to blockade people from entering an auditorium. On the other side of the situation was …

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Flagpole Alex: Violent Toronto Anarchist Unmasked! (feat. Alex Balch, Darius Mirshahi, Sakura Saunders & Rabble.ca)

I was quite brutally assaulted back in June. Ultimately, there were four people who beat me, but it all started when a ‘man’ only known as Alex rushed towards me with a 5/8 inch wooden closet pole (with a black flag on it) and bashed me over the head. The doctor told me that I …

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GE-Hitachi: University of Toronto Professor Jim Deutsch Defends G20 Anarchists! (feat. Zach Ruiter)

I see a lot of disturbing videos in my research. Today I saw one of the more disturbing videos I’ve seen in a while- it’s always a challenge observing people in positions of power supporting violent anarchists. The first time I saw this phenomenon it blew my mind- how could Vancouver’s David Eby, a candidate for …

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MediaWatch: Rabble.ca Says F**K The Troops! (feat. Julian Ichim, Zach Ruiter & Flagpole Alex!)

As most of my readers know by now- Rabble.ca is one of the most disgustingly vile publications in all of Canada. They promote G20 vandals as ‘political prisioners’, they publish slanderous lies about people who disagree with the radical left, and they were founded by Judy Rebick- one of the most hideous leaders of Canada’s …

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