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What Should Toronto Do About The GE-Hitatchi Uranium Plant? (Who wins & who loses?)

 I went to the open house for Toronto’s GE-Hitachi uranium fuel processing plant today. It was a rather dull experience, a big hall with a few signs on each corner. Each set of signs was attended to by a few of their staff- they were friendly, and they had answers ready for most of my …

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TAKE CANADA BACK! Pour Monsieur Mulcair… (A Judy Rebick Joint)

Oh, apologies, that was the wrong screenshot- silly me! I meant to share a screenshot of what’s been the big buzz in Occupy Toronto circles the past couple of weeks. Here it is:

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Violence & Ruthlessness: Activism’s Strange Bedfellows…

I crossed paths with a friend yesterday- someone who makes eagle-eyed observations on the social structure of Toronto’s activist community. They said that people accept the tactics of all others because they must ally in solidarity against ‘the system’. This means so very many different things. The range of actions could be anything from riding unicycles, to …

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Autistic Children Prevail Over The OPSEU Union’s Violence!

I spent all of today at the Ontario Legislature as a guest of MPP Rod Jackson. We met before the session began and I shared some of my research- including how the UN Special Rapport for Torture got involved when an American school started using remote control electroshock weapons on autistic kids. Jackson was very …

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[Updated] Are Canadian Black Bloc Anarchists Working With The Government & Police?

UPDATE: After almost two year’s investigation, I no longer think this is true. Yes, the police aren’t perfect, and the incident at Montebello was indeed real. But, the people behind most of the street violence are members of socialist obedience cults who are out to cause trouble and ‘ignite’ a revolution (at least, in their …

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