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Don Davies (NDP MP) Promotes Black Bloc Anarchists!

Don Davies not only attended Harsha Walia’s ironic march ‘against’ racism- but, he was foolish enough to use his Twitter account to promote Harsha’s radical Black Bloc anarchist group No One Is Illegal! (NoII)

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Harsha Walia & Harjap Grewal (Council of Canadians) Wearing Masks At the G20?

And, does this make them terrorists?

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BullyWatch: Stainsby & Vasey- Two Douchbags In A Pod…

Please Note: This is the first time I’ve used ‘name calling’. This is something I’ve avoided since the attacks and name calling began against me- but, people who attack other’s families deserve no less in my opinion…. I’ll never forget the moment I told Dave Vasey that I knew about his connection to Macdonald Stainsby. …

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Are Anti-Poverty Groups Government Stooges?

Does anyone have access to NYT archives? Because, there seems to be something that needs researching here… http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F1091EFC3959147A93C6AB178DD85F478785F9&scp=5&sq=%22secret+army+organization%22&st=p

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Welcome Media Co-Op Readers! (Do they receive Government Funding?)

It appears that Media Co-Op has linked to my site! This organization is one of Canada’s foremost producer of violence inciting media. Something to be proud of! (if you are a Black Bloc terrorist…) Media Co-Op is most famous for filming Harsha Walia’s racist & sexist hate video a filmed at Irwin Oostende’s  rave club/media …

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