Don Davies (NDP MP) Promotes Black Bloc Anarchists!

This Man Is A Muppet!

Don Davies not only attended Harsha Walia’s ironic march ‘against’ racism- but, he was foolish enough to use his Twitter account to promote Harsha’s radical Black Bloc anarchist group No One Is Illegal! (NoII)

Wow, I’m thinking of changing my ThisManIsStupid blog now, removing Alex Hundert, and making it all about Don! Because, any politician who promotes NoII qualifies at least 50% higher on the moronic scale than Alex! Can you believe this muppet represents the people of the Kingsway district in parliament! Forget recalling Harper, this man must go first! (well, at best case, both of them please)

Jason Kenny, a Conservative MP, quickly caught Don’s foible, and had a couple of comments to make:

So, regardless if you support Don’s politics or not (there are many things he supports that I do), you have to admit- he totally dropped the ball today, and opened himself to unnecessary criticism. I believe that most of us, even hardened supporters of the NDP, will realize that he didn’t do his party much justice today…

And, for those of you who haven’t yet seen Harsha’s video, make sure you have a look. You’ll quickly understand why I labelled Harsha Walia’s march against racism to be ‘ironic’. Enjoy the show!

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