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Idle No More Unmasked Part I: What Didn’t The Suzuki Foundation Disclose In Their Letter To Stephen Harper?

Introduction: Idle No More, so the legend tells us, is a grassroots movement started by four indigenous women from Saskatchewan who were unhappy with parts of the federal government budget bill C-45. The movement’s message inspired protests across the country- most were peaceful, but there were incidents where militants took advantage leading blockades, and tampering …

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Why Would CSIS Want To Spy On Emma Gilchrist And The Dogwood Initiative? (Feat. Derek Jensen & Zoe Blunt)

After studying her online presence, Emma Gilchrist comes across as a reasonable person. Her resume shows a work history with the Calgary Herald, the Pembina Institute, and more recently with the Dogwood Initiative in Victoria, BC. Building on her journalism background, Gilchrist has recently taken on the Deputy Editor position for the desmog blog. So, …

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Is OCAP Trying To Setup Mayor Rob Ford? (Feat. Sigrid Kneve & The Mystery Man)

Remembrance Day was last week, a non-holiday (most people work) where Canadians take a brief moment to remember people who have fought and died at war. Despite his having just admitted lying to the whole city, Mayor Rob Ford showed up to preside over the ceremonies. This of course meant that Ford had to endure …

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Toronto Police Arrest ‘Veteran’ At Remembrance Day Ceremony (Feat. Davyn Calfchild & Gary Wassaykeesic)

It’s Remembrance Day in Canada, a time when Canadians remember the great sacrifices made by people who’ve served in past wars- this is a solemn event in most cities. Not so in Toronto, last year a group of misguided protesters tried to interrupt the ceremonies and got into a scuffle with the police. The Toronto …

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Saskatchewan Green Party Executive Promotes Train Sabotage! (feat. Daniel Johnson)

Daniel Johnson is a Regina based radical who took leadership during the Occupy movement. He’s a scruffy, unshaven, guy who has a nice home- but spends a lot of time on the streets radicalising the homeless. Your Humble Narrator met him last summer while he was here in Toronto- he’s incredibly personable, but you can …

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