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The Story Of CUPE’s Smear Campaign Against Me During The Occupy Movement

Never in my existence would I have expected to tell a story about being attacked by a union. The worst thing that ever happened to me was that I was hit with a tomato while entering the building of a client who was in a labour dispute. But, then came my involvement in the Occupy …

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CUPE, CAW, OCAP, Black Bloc Anarchists and Flying Squads…

There were two things one was attacked for criticising at Occupy Toronto & Occupy Vancouver- Black Bloc anarchists and the group’s relationship with the unions. At first, when I was in Vancouver, I thought that the two subjects were unrelated. But, once I was in Toronto, it quickly became apparent both groups are closely related. …

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Pussy Riot: A Lesson For Canadian Activists…

One of the things I’m most sick & tired of hearing from┬áprivileged Canadian protesters is how they continuously drone on about how Canada is an oppressive and unfair country. Honestly, this sort of complaining is an insult to people who live in oppressive countries. If you have any doubt, talk to the members of Pussy …

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Why Do Rabble.ca & Krystalline Kraus Keep Promoting Violent, Incarcerated, Criminals?

On the surface, Rabble.ca looks like it could be a respectable publication. They have high-profile writers like Amy Goodman, Jim Stanford and Judy Rebick. They are funded by unions including the Canadian Auto Workers, CUPE, OPSEU and the BCGEU. Considering this, why do they give so much space to people promoting incarcerated violent criminals?

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MediaWatch: Ethan Cox Proves That Rabble.ca Is Budgie Paper! (UPDATED)

When I wrote my story a few days ago about why Canada needs an honest alternative online publication I mentioned that Rabble.ca has been known for printing mistruths. It didn’t take long for them to prove my point. Listen Rabblers, that wasn’t a challenge for you to prove me right, the idea was that maybe …

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