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MediaWatch: Rabble.ca Says F**K The Troops! (feat. Julian Ichim, Zach Ruiter & Flagpole Alex!)

As most of my readers know by now- Rabble.ca is one of the most disgustingly vile publications in all of Canada. They promote G20 vandals as ‘political prisioners’, they publish slanderous lies about people who disagree with the radical left, and they were founded by Judy Rebick- one of the most hideous leaders of Canada’s …

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MediaWatch: Rabble.Ca Helps An Anarchist Asshat Invoke Godwins Law Over Bill C-377!

My regular readers will already understand how awful of a news source Rabble.ca is. I’ve exposed them lying about the size of the crowds at the Quebec student strikes. I’ve exposed their idiocy in saying that there’s no such thing as a lefty troll. I’ve exposed how they (and their founder Judy Rebick) helped promote …

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MediaWatch: Rabble Says Lefty Trolls Don’t Exist! (No, seriously, they actually did!)

I’ve written a lot about Rabble.ca the past few months. They came on my radar after (twice) publishing slanderous lies about me. Both times they took-down the attacks, but they refused to publish retractions. We’ve seen Rabble.ca publish a lot of bullshit since I’ve started following them, like Ethan “80,000” Cox misrepresenting the amount of …

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Heather Martin & The Smithsonian Nail Kevin Annett (And Canada’s national security implications)

An amazing article was just released by Heather Martin last night. Heather began studying Kevin Annett ever since she learned about him while organizing a film festival. Her work has been amazing- and, today she took things one big step forward.¬†Annett’s career in the con-artist business is officially over…

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MediaWatch: Rabble.ca, Media Co-Op & Kevin Annett’s (Continuing) Abuse Of Indigenous Communities…

After APTN’s broadcast last week, Kevin Annett’s career as a fraud is pretty-much over now. They did an excellent piece on Annett, exposed many of his lies, and interviewed some of his victims. I helped with this story- sharing my research with APTN’s Todd Lamirande back in July.¬†My favourite part of the story was when …

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