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Vancouver Asseroles (sic) Gone Stupid!

Yesterday’s Vancouver Casseroles march crossed the line from “gone wild” to “gone stupid”. The people who were involved with this event should be deeply ashamed of their asinine behaviour. The only way to describe them now is to call them ‘Asseroles’.

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MediaWatch: Solid Evidence That The Vancouver Media Co-Op Are Lying Hacks… (Feat. Ann Livingston!)

If you read the article I posted on last week’s Vancouver Casseroles march you will find this video amusing. Notice how it says that last week’s marchers were “unexpectedly” put into custody. This is such a complete lie! As the video I posted yesterday clearly proves, the police gave ample warning to the demonstrators to …

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Vancouver Casseroles Leftovers Gone Wild! (Featuring Cop Watch!)

Last week’s Vancouver Casseroles march was another gong show. It looks like only about a dozen people showed up- there were more police than demonstrators. One could call it another ‘leftovers’ march- but, with so few people, perhaps they should just be called scraps?

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David Eby’s Cop Watch Takes A Shot At The IIOBC!

Back in December, David Eby tweeted his first mention of BC’s new police watchdog- the Independent Investigations Office of British Columbia (IIOBC). I called David on this, questioning if he was being a bit catty in the way he used the word ‘flattering’. After all, David’s BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) sees itself often doing the …

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[UPDATED] The BC Securities Commission Is A (Bad) Joke…

UPDATE: In the end, during the second investigation into Gregory Carrington, David Baines helped bring him to justice. In retrospect, after writing this article, I was a little hard on Baines- BC is the securities fraud capital of the world, and he has a hard job keeping on-top of things. Regardless, Carrington is busted now, …

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