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Yet Another Kevin Annett Lie! (This time he claims to be native…)

Kevin Annett has claimed to be crusading for the indigenous community for ten years now. Well, the truth is that he is crusading for his own ego and wallet. Anyhow, in all of those years, Kevin never claimed to have native blood. I was sent a video today that changes that!

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News Alert: Kevin Annett Booted From The Kanata Six Nations Reserve!

 Speak of the devil! Okay, perhaps not the devil, but Kevin Annett is in partnership with the Antichrist! It was only a few minutes ago when I outed Kevin’s alter-ego Jeremiah Jourdain. Then, only moments after I hit the publish button, a fellow researcher forwarded me a fresh email from Jeremiah/Kevin himself! And the email …

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Jeremiah Jourdain: Kevin Annett’s Alter Ego Who Handles The Money…

One of the key indicators that Kevin Annett is a con artist is how he uses an online alter ego to take-on things he doesn’t want to attach his name to. Annett uses at least one online alias named “Jeremiah Jourdain”. This has been pointed out to me by a number of people- it was even …

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Kevin Annett Explains Why He Still Impersonates Being A Minister…

Kevin Annett was defrocked by the United Church in 1996 yet he still goes around calling himself ‘reverend’. Kevin isn’t clergy for any church (unless, perhaps, the church of 666 gave him the title.) This is further evidence that he is a fraud, don’t you think?

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MediaWatch: Ethan Cox Proves That Rabble.ca Is Budgie Paper! (UPDATED)

When I wrote my story a few days ago about why Canada needs an honest alternative online publication I mentioned that Rabble.ca has been known for printing mistruths. It didn’t take long for them to prove my point. Listen Rabblers, that wasn’t a challenge for you to prove me right, the idea was that maybe …

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