Video: OCAP Members Show Their True Colours! (feat. Mark Brill & Doug Hatlem Johnson)

If you want to learn more about OCAP and their relationships with the NDP- check out this article on Eye on a Crazy world…

mark-brill-OCAP-fuck-the-police-march-2 mark-brill-OCAP-fuck-the-police-march

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  1. Holy O-C(R)AP, This dude really does look the star wars evil emperor. If the force is with this guy, then why didn’t the force , force him to move to another freakin universe ?

    1. I wonder, what does this mean about John Clarke?

        • Georgian on March 21, 2013 at 17:39
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        What with the British accented secondary characters seen in “Star Wars”, dress him in an Empire uniform and John Clarke would have fit in nicely around that discussion table of highly-ranked individuals that occasionally got thought controlled choked into submission when their ideas got out of line, as executed by the agent of the “Evil Emperor”.

        1. Yeah- well, the real Evil Emperor is Sid Ryan…

    • Cathy on March 16, 2013 at 18:32
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    Why are you talking about Davyn like he’s part of OCAP, when he’s not. In fact, if you were an honest journalist you would have added my speech where I chastised the people of OCAP for not helping Derek Soberal when they all knew he had been beaten.

    Police brutality is a reality. In fact, during that last sit in where Derek was beaten, there is video footage of the police seeing what is happening to him and they all turned their backs while he is screaming someone help me. Thats when another cop comes up to the cameraman and turns their camera off.

    But you dont show things like that do you Greg? You are too busy showing sensationalistic journalism from your own hidden agenda. I used to stand up for you and your right to voice your opinion while everyone called you agent provocateur… but I just see you as spewing half truths and down right lies just so people will read your little blog and spew their own hate as well. long gone are the days of real journalism, I say.

    1. Davyn has participated in the last three OCAP demonstrations- he’s definitely closely connected.

      I didn’t add your speech about Derek Soberal being beaten because I don’t believe it actually happened. I’ve watched the videos, there’s no indication of that. Has Derek filed a complaint against the police?

      Rather than accusing me of publishing inaccurate facts, perhaps you should mention what those facts are in the future? Lame…

      BTW, is Davyn going to make an apology for his racist behaviour last week?

      • Somanymoronstoolittletime on March 16, 2013 at 22:35
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      Cathy, my aren’t you the pot calling the kettle black! Lying about sacred Native ceremonies to bolster your “husband” who behaves like a neanderthal. Endangering your baby by standing on train tracks with the infant while a train was coming. Bringing that child to an event that was freezing cold and had the potential to become violent. Decrying White people when you are not fully Native, nor is your boyfriend and your precious children are very White. Don’t point your nasty finger at Greg before you get yourself together and put your children before a so called man that shows no regard for children and acts like a fool.

      1. Cathy’s just angry, and using the reaction conditioned into her by the Activistocrats- attack! Let’s hope that she and Davyn will think things through and realize there’s time for a change. In my few interactions with both I’ve felt that there are good people inside- I wish them both the best.

  2. LOL I loved the attempt by the old guy to look thug life menacing while he was walking by.

    Could you imagine if someone had hit a bunch of these loons with their car? I’ll bet they’d be wanting a cop right about then. Just sayin’.

    1. One of the people they walked past yelled out “the police are the first people you’ll call when your cell phone is stolen!”. That just about says it all…

        • MTB on March 19, 2013 at 12:30
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        Brilliant! Keep it up Greg, loving the work and heart that goes into this stuff.

        1. Thank you. :)

    • Cathy on March 16, 2013 at 19:25
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    Get your facts straight, this wasnt an OCAP event, this was put on by our friend Miguel who did it to support Derek and that is why Davyn and I were there, to support Miguel and Derek, not OCAP. After the last sit in, when they didnt come to Derek’s aid at 52 division Davyn wrote to OCAP and told them they lost our support. But if you were a real journalist you would ask us to find out.

    I wouldn’t worry about the one comment Davyn said the other week, you should worry about the tons of racist comments Ive read and you’ve encouraged over the past year and a half on your blog that Ive read, yet never said anything about. Or your hidden agenda against natives, while claiming you are only there for our best interest, like we can’t think for ourselves, we need you to do it for us. Roll eyes.

    There is enough video evidence to show that Derek was assaulted and I took pictures of his face and ear 5 minutes after he got out of 52 division. Interesting that the other time you stayed to observe as media yet this time you were given a choice to leave well after the allowed time for dismissal. You yourself are not part of the police approved media, yet you were allowed to leave around the time that Derek had his camera turned off. Perhaps you yourself knew what was going on and you would rather protect these police we see you talk and laugh with than go after real justice eh Greg? And where were you when we were demanding action in front of 52 division? At home editing your sound bites to show how evil ocap is an how misguided those anarchists are eh? Wouldn’t want to show the real enemy would ya Greg? the checks might stop coming in.

    1. I never said it was an OCAP event- the title of the video is “OCAP Members Say Fuck The Police”. Perhaps you should watch the video again.

      Once again, you’re making accusations without any fact to back them. I’ve not written a single racist thing on this site- if you wish to imply that, please point it out Cathy. But, it is irrefutable that Davyn has been racist- we have it on film.

      As for Derek, you didn’t answer my question- has he filed a complaint?

      Oh, and I was impressed how you didn’t bring your baby with you to this protest. Let’s hope you continue that pattern- it’s shameful and abusive to take children to arrestable events. (Particularly when one of the parents keeps getting arrested…)

      Finally, can you please explain why this type of behaviour is acceptable? What does this sort of hate accomplish? What was your goal in attending this?

        • DSMITH on March 16, 2013 at 21:10
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        “I never said it was an OCAP event- the title of the video is “OCAP Members Say Fuck The Police”. ” No Greg, the title of the actual YouTube video is “OCAP’s F#*CK the police march (feat. Mark Brill)” so yeah, you did say it was an OCAP event and now rather than admit it and say you were wrong you’re denying it.

        1. The actual title is on the video “OCAP Members Say Fuck The Police”. Here’s a screenshot.

          But, you’re right, the Youtube title omitted the word “members”, I’ve added it now. Thank you for the heads-up.

      • Somanymoronstoolittletime on March 16, 2013 at 22:40
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      Cathy, get your facts straight! This is an annual event and was not put on for Derek but rather is supposed to be international event.

      1. Indeed. Perhaps she’s fallen into the same trap as Derek? (That is, thinking that every event is about Derek… )

    2. Cathy, here’s the video:

  3. I never said it was an OCAP event- the title of the video is “OCAP Members Say Fuck The Police”. Perhaps you should watch the video again.

    Once again, you’re making accusations without any fact to back them. I’ve not written a single racist thing on this site- if you wish to imply that, please point it out Cathy. But, it is irrefutable that Davyn has been racist- we have it on film.

    As for Derek, you didn’t answer my question- has he filed a complaint?

    Oh, and I was impressed how you didn’t bring your baby with you to this protest. Let’s hope you continue that pattern- it’s shameful and abusive to take children to arrestable events. (Particularly when one of the parents keeps getting arrested…)

  4. Cathy… I think the problem with the credibility of your statements here is that I’m seeing the same ‘activists’ for pretty much every protest… the so-called Mohawk Warrior who states he’s not Mohawk, Curtis Nixon who can’t even articulate what it means to be Sovereign?… now Derek seems like a very articulate human being who seems to have made a bad judgement call in attaching himself to this rabble… Are these issues that ‘regular people’ care about? Nope… so when I see videos like Gregs… I can’t help but feel a complete lack of sympathy for these guys cause….. Why? because they’re like prostitutes and pimps on parade expecting us to feel sorry for them… I say… who the hell cares what Curtis (pothead) Nixon thinks about Native issues, Sovereignty or the Cops??? Move along kids… move along…..

    1. Heather,

      You’ll probably find it interesting to know that Davyn has known Kevin Annett since he was a teenager, and was in Brantford during the dig. I’d be interested to hear if he still supports Annett despited all of the evidence that’s been presented…

    • Cathy on March 16, 2013 at 21:39
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    1) you said he attended the last 3 ocap events, therefore this last one must be the third since he was only at 2, both he didnt like caps dismissal behavior. 2) lol you were right beside my baby yesterday so your comment is laughable. I do not jeopardize my child just worry about yourself. as for Derek… you are the journalist, why dont you ask him.

    Heather, I am regular people. I do care about the homeless I also care about police brutality. I try to go out to whatever I can, I. can’t speak for anyone else. since this issue with ocap I won’t be going to any of their protests. Besides I’m a believer of giving people homes, not more shelters.

    To clarify I do not hate cops, never once didyou see me shout out fuck the police, otherwise I’d be on your video here. However cops are supposed to serve and protect the people, not corporations. and they are certainly not supposed to look at you with hatred when you haven’t even done anything wrong and trust me, Ive had many look at me with seething hate. Do I want to be alone in a room with someone like that? I know first hand there are bad seeds in the police force, whats worse are the ones who cover up for them amd those cops turning their backs while Derek was being beaten were just as guilty as the thug cops that were booting him in the head.

    1. Cathy,

      1) Okay, he was at the last two OCAP events. He got arrested at both- right?

      2) I have video from last weekend where the police had to stop you from pushing your baby on the street- into traffic – as a way to ‘take the street’. If you disagree that happened I’ll be happy to post the video. Should I? Beyond that, you keep taking your baby to arrestable events- most people think that’s highly irresponsible.

      3) If you don’t hate cops, can I suggest you stay away from Fuck the Police marches then?

      4) As for Derek, nobody in the media takes him seriously any longer. He proved himself to be full of shit during the G20 when he released a video of him being ‘beaten’ by the police- but, with a missing 20 seconds at just the right time. Derek was asked why none of the video caught him being ‘beaten’ this time he (conveniently) answered that it happened during the 20-30 seconds when he wasn’t caught on video.

      5) You still haven’t answered the question- has Derek filed a complaint, or does he plan to do so?

    • Somanymoronstoolittletime on March 16, 2013 at 22:48
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    And yet you willingly put your baby in harms way. Selfish and irresponsible Cathy. Make your children your priority and stop playing games with their lives. By the way, if you should ever be arrested with your baby that means CAS will be called. Your baby will be taken and your other children too. The CAS will be all up in your life and your business and they are relentless. You do not want that.

    • The Hammer on March 18, 2013 at 11:31
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    Just another excuse to protest the police. Little of what OCAP does will actually help end poverty. Then, ending poverty would be their worst nightmare. Then there would be not need for OCAP to exist. Or the army of well paid bureaucrats who make a living “Helping” the poor. So the focus is always on shelters, subsidies, etc. Instead of finding actual solutions to poverty they work to keep the poverty cycle going. OCAP is, in reality, the worst enemy the poor in Ontario have…………. Or Toronto as they do not seem to do much outside Toronto.

    • Georgian on March 20, 2013 at 22:50
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    I’m still confused about the context of the videos you’ve created. Since when did “communists” or Soviet communists have a problem with an established state police force? Many Russian people complain to this day that “law and order” has been dissolved compared to what they knew before 1990. Only anarchists propose a society that is self-governing without any police establishment, and here you show full fledged anarchists protesting the police. As that one woman said, in her opinion, there are absolutely NO good police! I don’t see them wearing any communist symbols or waving hammers and sickles at all. Anarchists are not communists even if some precious few laughably call themselves “anarcho-communists”. Or is that “narco”? So it is even more unclear why, beyond trying to childishly pander to members of our anti-communist/anti-Russian society, you insist on imprinting Soviet symbols over the silly acts of these non-Soviet morons.

    1. I’ll be writing about this in the near future, still working on some research. But, a quick answer is that OCAP has a few influential people connected to the Communist party…

        • Georgian on March 20, 2013 at 23:37
        • Reply

        Oh…I know about them. They’ve connected themselves by becoming members of the Communist Party of Canada and at least one OCAP member, Cathy Holliday, has run for that party federally. I’d be surprised if you found a broad connection between the CPC and OCAP, but the CPC will take virtually anyone for a member including OCAP’ers. I’ve never found the CPC-Marxist-Leninist having serious connections with OCAP or anarchists. Go to the CPC site and there are no hammers and sickles in sight. They are present however at CPC-ML The differences between these two entities might seem like splitting hairs to you and others, but in ideology, alignment and outlook they are very different. With regard the Soviet era, the CPC endorsed the Kruschev era and beyond while the CPC-ML came to reject that latter day era as “revisionist”. So, it could be seen that the CPC endorsed the Soviet Union’s move to embrace capitalism.

  5. sid ryan ‘ s real name is patrick cyril . buzz hargrove was basil. seems not using your REAL name is part of their process ( stalin lenin trudeau ( pere ) hitler )

  6. What we have here is Marxism not Communism. Two different wound up tales of Hegel’s Internationale. Study your Russian History Grenouf .


    1. Let me have my fun! They’ve detested the Soviet United since Emma Goldman was sent back there- I know that…

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