Kevin Annett Gets His Official Ugly Stick! (feat. Rainbow Warrior Speak, RCMP & The Antichrist!)

Talk slickly and carry a big stick...

(Rainbow Warrior Talk & Kevin Annett): Talk slick and carry a big stick…

I’ve been avoiding writing about Kevin Annett the past few weeks. The word is out, most reasonable people understand he’s a complete fraud (including his fraudulent claim to have discovered a mass grave in Brantford, Ontario), and he’s been putting out a lot of complete nonsense- only a fool would believe in Annett these days. Unfortunately there are many fools on our world, and it would be a herculean task to help each of them.

Annett is the guy who (with a few fools, and some professional con-men) created his own “Common Law Court” that he say’s have the legitimacy to issue (and act upon) arrest warrants to the Pope (both new-Pope & old-Pope), the Queen, the head of the RCMP, and a long list of other people. The best analogy for his court would be a group of kids in a schoolyard playground play acting Judge Judy, or perhaps re-enacting their parent’s divorce.

A new character entered Annett’s stage this week- as would be expected he’s as colourful, and dubious, as the people from Annett’s past- calls himself “Rainbow Warrior Speak”. I’m not sure if his name is ripping off Greenpeace of if he’s a crusader for queer rights, but it doesn’t take much investigation to see that he’s more of a Walking Eagle kind of a character.

Last week Rainbow Warrior (let’s call him RW for short) pulled the latest stunt in Annet’s long-con. If you can believe it, he delivered arrest warrants to the RCMP for one of their retired officers, and for Commissioner Bob Paulson. Somehow, Annett always outsources ‘dangerous’ stuff like this- he’s got too much of a self preservation instinct to go hand arrest warrants to police officers.

The grin on the RCMP officer's face is priceless...

The grin on the RCMP officer’s face is priceless…

The cop who received the papers was a good sport about it. When a guy with a priest’s collar and a big feathered stick comes in with a “arrest warrant from an international common law court” for the commissioner- well, he can be pretty certain he’s got a nutter on his hand (or, perhaps, a con-artist). The look on the cop’s face reminded me of the Roman guard in Monty Python’s Life of Brian who tried desperately not to laugh as Caesar talks about his friend Bigus Dickus.

While we’re on the subject of large poles, RW released a truly hilarious video today- titled Staff Commissioned For Kevin Annett. It’s literally the most sad looking thing I’ve seen Annett do in his career as a conspiracy huckster- from the look of him, it seems he’s hitting his sell-by date too. (Perhaps he’s hitting the crack again?)

The video is of RW, Kevin Annett and some guy who seems to have a hobby carving sticks. It’s some sort of an ‘official’ ceremony (of three people) awarding Annett with a spiritual endowment in the form of an (ugly) stick. He says that the stick is carved with Hebrew writing on it, and that the lines in it symbolize Annett’s quest for truth (while forging signatures of deceased indigenous people). He also tells Annett to only hold it by the top because otherwise the carving may cut his hands- a cheaply made ugly stick, carved out by parasitic bugs, perfectly analogous of Kevin Annett himself…

If you look at the picture at the top of this article, you’ll notice that RW has a stick too. And if you look closely (click it, then click again for full-size) you’ll also notice that RW’s stick is not only bigger, but more beautiful than Annett’s. And, dare I say it, RW’s stick looks more manly too. If Kevin didn’t have “size issues” to contend with in the past- he certainly has one now.

RW’s website says that he’s “duly ordained reverend with the Christian Ministers Association“, a dubious organization that charges a $25 fee to register their ministers (with annual membership fees of $100, payable through PayPal). But, reading their webpage they clearly state that they don’t actually ordain ministers- here’s what they say on their new member’s form (the capitalization is from the original document):

“We as a governing body DO NOT ORDAIN”

Their website also makes this statement:

“We are available to ministers whose ministry and /or home base is within the Nation of Canada”

This leads us to RW & Annett’s next problem- Canada doesn’t exist any longer, it’s been dissolved. I know what you’re saying, that’s crazy! True, but according the Kevin Annett’s webpage, this is what happened. If Canada doesn’t exist any longer, how can RW keep his membership in the CMA?

Reading the CMA’s constitution, one can learn that they believe that Jesus died on the cross, and there will be a second coming. Annett, on the other hand, believes that Jesus Christ is from Puerto Rico, and is alive and well working as a televangelist in Miami. His name is Jose Jesus Miranda, he’s an ex-convict, says he’s the second coming, and he likes to wear a lot of bling. He also calls himself the “anti-christ” and asks people to tattoo 666 on their necks (there were people with 666 tattoos present when Annett ‘discovered’ his mass grave).


So which Jesus is backing Kevin’s show? Well, it’s hard to tell- sometime next week I’m going to call the CMA and ask what their feelings are on the matter. Perhaps they too are fans of the Puerto Rican bling Jesus? Or, perhaps we’ll see RW get excommunicated for working with competing Jesuses? It’s all so intriguing.

An old character from the past has come onto the scene again. An associate of Annett’s on Vancouver Island named Alex Hunter just served documents to “Parishoners at Christ Church Cathedral” in Vancouver. He basically walked into the church and handed out papers telling them they were part of a conspiracy to murder- it didn’t take long for him to get kicked-out.

Hunter’s a fascinating one- he genuinely believes that someone (government, aliens, whatever) has been following and tracking every part of his life. There’s an unconfirmed rumour he has a connection to a car found on the Pickton farm. Regardless, besides anarchist Zoe Blunt, he’s probably the most likely to be found peering out of the clock tower at Victoria’s City Hall (Annett is on that list too).

Let’s all hope for Annett that he doesn’t accidentally hit himself with his new ugly stick. He looks bad enough in this latest video already (do you clean your clothes often these days Kevin?) What a long, strange, trip it’s been…


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    • The Hammer on March 18, 2013 at 08:27
    • Reply

    So he is accusing the new Pope now of participating in the Dirty War in Argentina lol

    1. Is that anything like when Annett got dirty with a streetwalker smoking crack together in Co-Op Radio’s broadcast studio? I wonder what the Jose Jesus Miranda angle is on that…

    • The Hammer on March 18, 2013 at 12:02
    • Reply

    Still nothing from Jason Bowman since he and a bunch of “Native” protesters marched on Brantford city hall. I wonder if this group is the one he “represents”

    1. Bowman certainly doesn’t represent this group (but he has been close to some of them). One of the people penalized, Aaron Detlor, is the HDI’s lawyer. He’s actually written a comment on this site saying that Bowman is fraud.

      Personally, I think that the unionists knew that they’d screwed-over this bunch, and Bowman is part of the plan to radicalise others. He’s too close to everything in the “activist left”, he even ran Robocall rallies back when Derek Soberal and crowd were doing the same here in Toronto. The coincidences are too many to ignore.

      Brantfort is supposedly planning another case for Bowman, Bill Squire and company. Now that they’ve been successful with this case, it’s very likely we’ll see another court case soon…

        • The Hammer on March 18, 2013 at 14:44
        • Reply

        So Bowman may find himself on the hook then by coming out speaking for these people. It certainly seems that way if the city is naming individuals. And I loved looking at pictures of Bowman’s last protest. Most of the “Natives” there did not look native to me. Looked more like Zach Ruiter’s Idle No More protest.

        If any city in Canada is not going to be bullied by a group like this it is Brantford. Everyone there knows the Six Nations. Everyone who grows up there has been to countless school field trips to sites and museums on and around the reservation. They know who the Six Nations leaders are and they know this is nothing but an opportunist fringe group. Elsewhere politicians may have to tread lightly with such a group. But not in Brantford where everyone knows this group does not represent the actual Six Nations.

        1. That’s the biggest problem- most people outside of Brantford don’t understand what’s really happening. I blame it on political correctness, people are too scared to ask questions. The agitator’s racist slander has been somewhat effective this way. That said, more and more people are waking up each day.

            • The Hammer on March 19, 2013 at 08:51
            • Reply

            Yes, I suppose a lot of people in that Toronto neighborhood actually think Zach Ruiter’s protest is a native movement. It is a shame. Outside of Oklahoma Brantford is probably the only place in North America where a city actually understands surrounding native communities. As such it allows people like Zach, Sakura, Taylor and others to pretend their Marxist movements are part of a native movement.

    • brotherwolf1 on March 19, 2013 at 13:19
    • Reply

    I spent the last 20 minutes laughing my ass of seeing these two guys with their sticks. Whats next for Annette, a cape , tights and a mask ? Kevin, dude, if you reading this, premised on the theory that you can read , you sir are an idiot and possibly the biggest loser on this planet .

    ” … Annett is the guy who (with a few fools, and some professional con-men) created his own “Common Law Court” that he say’s have the legitimacy to issue (and act upon) arrest warrants to the Pope (both new-Pope & old-Pope), the Queen, the head of the RCMP, and a long list of other people…. ” would you please explain to me, simple lay person , how, YOU have been bestowed the rights and powers to actually have the ability to actually issue warrants for arrest? Are you a Judge? A Justice of the Peace?

    . Kevin, it may behoove to learn that you cannot actually arrest the Queen or the Pope, and Kevin ol’ boy, it may further behoove you to learn that you cannot actually arrest a serving head of state while that person serves in that capacity. You also cannot sue same head of state while he / she is serving in that capacity. Your buddy ” reacharound ” bowman should have told you THAT much . I will say, however, reading about this guy is entertaining to say the least. never know what he will invent next

    • rraefyn on March 22, 2013 at 07:30
    • Reply

    A turkey feather!! Priceless… and the worm in the stick story….perfection! The Rev Lemon and Robert the Bruce Mac Carver have no idea how well they channelled the true spirit of Annett!!! What a clannish pile of bull puckey given by two painfully pretentious and self serving twits. One thing is for certain, that turkey Annett sure has a knack for worming his way into any potential opportunity for cash and public face time. Hmmm…what’s next for the crusading gobbler.. his own memorial gazing pool?

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