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Ontario Healthcare Coalition Puts (Racist, Violent) Occupy Toronto Livestream Back Online! (feat. Fred Hahn & Judy Rebick)

Two weekends ago members of Occupy Toronto gathered on the campus of Ryerson University for an 80 hour (dodgy) fundraiser, hoping to collect money to pay for the costs of operating their wireless data connection. Their event quickly degraded into a violent, racist and anti-Semitic hate fest. Later, after their fiasco became a national news …

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Talking With Ezra Levant About The RadLeft’s Violence Towards Their Critics…

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The Threats Continue… (feat. Cameron Monkman, Jeremy Oliver, CUPE & Stephen Harper)

Writing about the radical left can be a dangerous business. I’ve already been violently assaulted, smashed over the head with an anarchist’s flagpole- and, have been threatened too many times to count. Today the threats continue- only, in the form of a poorly done rap song by a young man who has about as much …

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The Video Harjap Grewal & Harsha Walia Don’t Want You To See… (feat. Council of Canadians & NoII)

UPDATE: Harjap just filed another “privacy complaint” with YouTube- if people like him get in any sort of power, the world will be ugly and filled with censorship… — On Friday I got an email from YouTube saying that an individual had made a ‘privacy complaint’ about a video I posted showing clips of an …

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Occupy Toronto Livestreamers Threaten Journalist(s?) From Ryerson University On Wednesday

Occupy Toronto’s Livestreamers showed-up at Ryerson University again last night for a follow-up to their 80 hour fundraiser. It seems they made a rather big mistake over the weekend- telling people to send their money to a PayPal account that wasn’t under their control. They have no idea who has the money, so they broadcast …

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