David Compan Is In A Mental Hospital, And Roseanne Barr Is Part Of The Problem (Feat. Kevin Annett)

David Compan: Kevin Annett's most recent victim...

David Compan: Kevin Annett’s most recent victim…

We don’t know much about David Compan. He’s a man in his 20’s-30’s, light brown complexion, gold earring in his left ear, he’s married to a woman named Pritame Bal, and speaks in a groovy accent similar to the French taunters in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Like the Frenchmen in the movie, Mr Compan also enjoys taunting Englishmen- only, at a London (UK) hospital, not the wall of a castle, and no sheep or cows were thrown from a catapult.

Yes, it’s time for the latest instalment of this site’s series on the victims of Canadian con-artist extraordinare Kevin Annett. After being thrown off of every Canadian Indian reserve he’s stepped foot on, Annett has now started preying on a new set of victims- the mentally ill. And he has a new sidekick helping him spread his fraudulent stories- none other than Hollywood superstar Roseanne Barr!

If you’re not up-to-date on the Kevin Annett story, here’s a quick introduction. Annett is a defrocked United Church minister (the only one ever) who has been appropriating the stories and cause of survivors of Canada’s Indian residential schools; going as far as actually faking the discovery of a mass grave of native children. In his spare time Annett has setup his own “common-law court” where he’s declared Canada dissolved and created arrest warrants for a number of people including the Pope, Stephen Harper, Queen Elizabeth and the head of the RCMP.

Annett uses his skills as a con-artist to convince people to ‘deliver’ his fake court’s arrest warrants to various churches and government offices. Invariably, this turns out to be a three-ring circus. But worse than that, Annett’s dupes often find themselves in serious trouble.

In a tragic case a few months ago a couple from Kitchener, Ontario named Steve Finney and Amy Smart got caught in Annett’s web. Finney ended up getting arrested, their child ended up in the care of the Children’s Aid Society (CAS), and they were convinced to do stupid stuff like deliver warrants to CAS and refusing to cooperate with the courts. Roseanne Barr has posted Annett’s factually inaccurate story on her website- including the name and picture of a little girl under CAS’s care (which is not only criminal in Canada, but it’s immoral towards the well-being of the child.)

David Compan tried the same thing this past week. Only, his madness didn’t happen in a court or CAS office, but in the Accidents & Emergencies wing of London’s Charing Cross Hospital. It didn’t take very long for the people at the hospital to realize he may have mental health issues, so (after an amusing then tragic chase scene) they involuntarily held him in the hospital overnight. The next day after he got out, Compan made the most bizarre phone call from home- asking the hospital to confirm that he’s been discharged.

Compan’s freedom didn’t last very long though. He went out for a walk last night to get some cigarettes, and was greeted by the police when he got home. They came to bring him back into the hospital, they found marijuana in the house while they were there (Compan’s wife was taken to the police station after).

So now Compan is locked up at the Park Royal Mental Health Centre in North West London. Reports indicate that he’s going to be held for observation for the next month, and may possibly end up staying longer if he’s diagnosed with an illness. Watching the video of Compan’s behaviour, this is probably for the best.

Really Roseanne, are you kidding?

Really Roseanne, are you kidding?

It didn’t take long for Kevin Annett to start capitalizing off of Compan’s misfortune. He put out an announcement this evening claiming that Compan was arrested for “Thought Crime“. Roseanne Barr took Annett’s announcement and tweeted it out to her 228,240 followers.

We can’t be sure that Barr is reading the crap Annett’s been putting out. That said, she’s been regularly posting his announcements on her website– someone connected to her has seen it. It’s bizarre, and if it wasn’t for the fact that people’s lives are being destroyed by this crap, it would be mildly amusing to watch Barr participating in these antics.

But people are being hurt, a child has been hurt, and more are sure to come. So, it’s not at all cute that Roseanne is promoting Annett- the reality is that she’s participating in the abuse by helping to promote Annett’s fraud to a much wider audience. It’s a shame Compan’s doctors don’t have the power to commit people in the US, Roseanne may just have a problem herself…

Here’s the video of Compan being taken into custody. Your Humble Narrator had to hold back some tears at the end- it was sad to see Compan in such a desperate and confused state. Kevin Annett is an incredibly sick man:

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    • The Hammer on January 23, 2014 at 17:44
    • Reply

    I doubt there are very many people who take seriously what Roseanne has to say.

    1. That’s what people keep saying about Annett, but he’s still picking up new Compans. Barr has a bloody great big following and is creating a net Annett will use to find new victims with. I don’t know how many exponentials Roseanne’s brand awareness has over Annett’s, but am guessing it’s a significant number.

        • The Hammer on January 24, 2014 at 18:50
        • Reply

        She does have a big following. But I am willing to be most of them do not take her seriously and follow to laugh at her. Or are actually nuts themselves. I follow the Iron Sheik but I am not about to take him seriously.

  1. My letter to Compan was blocked by YouTube so I’ll post here:

    Dear David,
    I am respectfully writing you today to ask you to consider the possibility that ITCCS is not what it seems. You appear to be a very passionate and well articulated man who has met with frustration after frustration at your place of employment and the ITCCS has been a convenient mechanism with which you thought you could assert some authority. If you are as level headed as you claim, then please open your mind to the following possibility: ITCCS is a fraudulent organization that has been attempting to convince people around the world that it has the authority to carry out arrest warrants and common-law court verdicts. It is most likely that the bench warrant that you used was forged by Kevin using a person who does not exist…a person he created for his grand ruse. He HAS done this before when he was championing the cause of the Indian Residential School survivors. However, David, It is imperative that you be aware that EVERY cause he has created or aligned himself with he has ended in division and chaos. He infiltrated two of the most promising Native organizations that were working to bring the crimes of the Canadian and British Governments and their Churches to light. Once he had done so, he stole the survivors stories (video taped and written testimonies of sexual, physical and other abuses) and used them to write his book. He infiltrated Occupy in Vancouver and Toronto. He infiltrated the Mohawk Warriors and concocted a dig for buried children and lied about finding human remains. He has publicly slanders and libelled many high profile activists who began to criticize his unethical behavior. He called them ‘government agents’, ‘black operatives’ and accused them of conducting smear campaigns and ‘psy-ops’. He called the head of Amnesty International in Vancouver a liar and yet still used her ‘testimony’ years later as part of his ‘tribunal’. He has used members of ‘Anonymous’ to threaten, slander and libel me because I have written about Kevin Annett and his lies. Many people who were close supporters of him are now also in the same boat, being accused of all kinds of horrible things, now that they have come out against him. But what you should also know is that Kevin Annett used an innocent little girl (Amy and Steve’s child, who was in the custody of Child Services) as collateral damage to make Steve’s arrest look better for the ITCCS. The reality is that, like you, Steve had thought that the documents produced by ITCCS were authentic and had authority and jurisdictional powers associated with them and like you they hoped that this would sway the government workers to abide by the Common-Law. However, in this country and in yours, authorities are very aware of Kevin Annett and his ‘organization’ and is no doubt on some kind of ‘terror-watch-list’. How does that bode well for a four year old girl whose parents are trying to gain access to their child? She is caught in the cross-fire and Kevin Annett couldn’t give a shit about that. Your wife, David, is no different and neither are you. My gut feeling is that you are trying to do whats right for you and your family, and that you believe very strongly about your newly attained knowledge. Common-Law (and a return to Natural Law) is what our collective society needs. We DO need a system of the people and not of the corporation, and I support that movement. However, I DO NOT support a man who heads and organization that could care less about the innocent victims of his actions so long as it gets him good press and hits to his paypal button. I am simply asking you with an open heart and mind to consider that you are being used as a pawn in a game that is actually designed to TAKE DOWN the sovereignty movement and not develop it. My theory is that he is actually an agent for the very same forces he claims he is fighting against. The purpose in what he does is to get good people like yourself and Steve Finney to take the chances, to get arrested and give the movement a martyr. This gives the government ’cause’ to fight against you, to implement it’s draconian measures and while you and Steve are hauled off to jail or the psych ward, Kevin Annett (the puppet master of this charade) walks free. My advice to you, David, is to look at the other side, fight for your rights on your own terms and under your own banner, and not let yourself become the poster-boy for ANY organization claiming to have your best interests at heart. Kevin Annett is for Kevin Annett and you (like many who came before you) are a pawn in his chess game and pawns are expendable when you have a King to protect. My prayers are with you and your family… I truly wish you well.

    Heather Martin,

  2. Can you actually prove that the mass graves are fake? Give me proof please. i’ll be waiting for a long time. I can feel it.

    1. APTN did a great show on the bones, check it out here:


  3. It’s ridiculous to say ‘prove the graves are fake’. Surely the onus is on someone to prove they exist? The native Canadians involved would surely have done so if this was the case since it’s in their interest and they want this matter out in the open. Everything I’ve read about Annett makes me think he’s leading people up the garden path in a dangerous way and I agree with what is said above. He’s got people in the UK serving his fake warrants and make complete idiots out of themselves and it’s only a matter of time before more people get themselves locked up.

    1. The indigenous people who watched Annett declare his fake discovery of a mass grave later denounced him:

      APTN later backed this up with a special show about it (which I assisted on):


    • BevAnne on August 25, 2014 at 12:05
    • Reply

    Regardless of whether or not you believe the story of the Queen and the missing children, it is widely documented of the abuses that were made against the indigenous children of the Canadian residential schools and can be read in many articles which cannot be disbelieved (nothing whatsoever to do with Kevin Annette) With an apology from the prime minister and talk of compensation for victims. (or even compensation for some victims). There must be some truth to the story and Rosanne Barr is an intelligent woman and fully entitled to her own opinions and is allowed to view them as are you in this article. I do not see her criticising or undermining your views. People should be more open minded and read about this awful situation for themselves before making up their minds and critisicising Rosanne Barr.

    1. If you’re going to stand-up for someone who I’ve researched extensively and proven a fraud, make sure you spell his name right. lol

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