[UPDATED] Toronto Cop-Baiter Organizes Warm Bodies For Postal Worker’s Parliament Hill Rally! (Feat. Derek Soberal)

Derek Soberal (right) losing his cool...

Derek Soberal (right) losing his cool…

UPDATE: Now it appears that Olivia Chow is going to be introducing a bill in opposition to Canada Post- the last part of the formula. Yep, it’s all about the NDP!


Derek Soberal is one of Toronto’s most notorious and prolific cop-baiters. Wherever one sees radical left protesters clashing with the police, Soberal is generally front-and-centre at the head of the pack. One blogger labelled Soberal as an asshole with a camera, his escapades are always filmed. He’s known to take these videos and secretly cut parts out- right at the most important moments. Asshole is really too kind of a description for Soberal- the correct term is that he’s a fraud.

So, where do unions go when they want someone to help whip-up an audience of warm bodies for a postal workers rally? Derek Soberal of course. It’s only natural, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers is one of the most militant cop-hating unions in the country. Soberal’s cop-baiting hobby is the perfect match for CUPW…

The Canadian government has announced a major restructuring of the Canada Post, a bit part of this will be migrating mail delivery from people’s front-door to communal community mail boxes. This will naturally result in a smaller workforce, when that happens the radicals at CUPW will have less revenue to battle their radical politics. CUPW is holding a public rally in Ottawa this weekend in response.

CUPW’s goal is to get 2,000 people to gather in front of Prime Minister Harper’s office on Sunday. Most of the PM’s staff won’t be in on a Sunday, and it’s unlikely he will either. So, basically, it’s a symbolic photo-op.

It’s hard to get a good sized crowd for a rally like this. Most CUPW members would rather be chilling in their ice fishing cabins, skating the Rideau Canal, or cuddling up with their families on a cold January day (Sunday’s prediction is -23). So, what’s a union organizer to do?

Derek Soberal's announcement

Derek Soberal’s announcement

The answer is simple, outsource it! The formula is simple too. First, round up a group of malcontents who are willing to protest anything and whose lives are empty enough that a free winter trip to Ottawa looks attractive- entice them with some free food when they get there, and let the press know well in-advance so they can capture the all-important Kodak moment. (Pack-in a few true believers for best effect.)

Black Bloc rapper Darius Mirshahi headlining for OFL's Sid Ryan in 2012

Black Bloc rapper Darius Mirshahi headlining for OFL’s Sid Ryan in 2012

We saw the same thing happen in 2012 when Sid Ryan of the Ontario Federation of Labour used the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) and Occupy Toronto to round up a group of homeless people to act as his backdrop. A lot of people got duped that day, but Sid Ryan got himself on the CBC, so it was all worth it to him.

History repeats itself…

For entertainment’s sake, we’ll leave you with the infamous video Derek Soberal Gone Wild!

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