6 Stupidest Canadian Social Justice Warrior Moments Of 2015!

Tamo Campos, Jakub Markiewicz & Dan Wallace after their Burnaby Mountain arrests

Tamo Campos, Jakub Markiewicz & Dan Wallace- three of Canada’s stupidest SJWs

If there’s one thing Canadian social justice warriors, like SJWs in most countries, have no shortage of it’s anger and stupidity. Sometimes this combination brings hilarious results, other times it’s a toxic mixture that’s dangerous to all Canadians. 2015 was a banner year for SJW stupidity- from the hilariously stupid, to the stupidly dangerous.

Here’s a selection of six of 2015’s most stupid moments in Canadian social justice. If you think I’ve missed one, share it on the comments at the bottom of the article- there’s so much idiocy in the Canadian SJW community it’s very possible I missed one. Happy New Year!

#6 Vancouver & Toronto Activists Protest The Wrong Companies

Anarchist Anglican priests Maggie Helwig & Andrea Budgey protesting the wrong company

Anarchist Anglican priests Maggie Helwig & Andrea Budgey protesting the wrong company

Fifth place for the most stupid moment in Canadian social justice is a tie between closely related protesters in Vancouver and their brothers & sisters in Toronto. When intelligent people set up protests one of the first things they do is to confirm they’re going to be protesting the right organization- something these SJW Einsteins neglected to do.

The first protest happened on January 25th when a group of protesters led by David Suzuki’s grandson Tamo Campos walked into a North Vancouver restaurant and started causing a ruckus. The protesters screamed and chanted, East Vancouver professional protester Audrey Siegl banged her drum as she does. But when all was said and done everyone realized that they weren’t protesting a pipeline company but a subsidiary of Enbridge that trades in sulfur- silly protesters! The protest was so stupid it got coverage in the National Post.

In a similar blunder on Earth Day in April a band of merry idiots led by American anarchist Sakura Saunders marched down a North Toronto street and blocked the Consumers Gas building, another Enbridge subsidiary that has nothing to do with oil pipelines. But that didn’t stop the idiots from screaming at office’s staff and security guards- hey, no one’s ever accused SJWs of being geniuses!

#5 SJWs Run Promotional Campaign For Sex Tourism Guru

Montreal's AnarchoPanda promotes sex tourism guru...

Montreal’s AnarchoPanda promotes sex tourism guru…

Back in August, a generally unknown sex tourism guru who goes by the name of “Roosh” travelled up to Canada to hold seminars for tragically hapless young men who can’t score with women. Roosh’s visit would have come and gone without incident if it weren’t for the help of self-promoting social justice warriors who kicked up a stink about his daring to come up to the Great White North.

Even before he arrived in Canada they set up a petition asking the government to ban him at the border. When the petition didn’t work they did what SJWs do best, sending threats to hotels across the city warning that they planned to “shut him down” and cause a ruckus if they dared to host him. The mayor of Montreal and Toronto Mayor John Tory jumped in on the free publicity train too- denouncing his visit and warning establishments not to host his seminar.

Roosh could never have afforded to have bought himself so much publicity– Anarcho Panda should hang his head in stupid shame.

#4 Steph Guthrie Gets A “Death Threat”

Why talk about this online?

Why talk about this online?

Stephanie Guthrie is an outspoken social justice warrior and the alleged victim in what’s likely one of the most stupid trials of the year. The accused, Gregory Allan Elliott, hadn’t made a single threatening message to Guthrie but somehow – this young woman who’s worked closely with Toronto Police and a couple city councillors – managed to get the cops to charge Elliott with Criminal Harassment.

So, what does a SJW do when in the middle of a high-publicity case based on a dodgy premise that the accused was “creepy”? Despite Guthrie’s handful of supporters claiming she’s “not allowed to speak” during the trial, she spoke out in public several times- including this one, where she made a dodgy claim over twitter that Elliott may have sent her a death threat. There’s no evidence Gurthrie brought this to the police, she’d rather try him in the court of public opinion- credibility zero!

Don’t hold your breath, the trial has been a long series of delays, but the court has announced it will make its final ruling on December 22nd. I’ll be there to cover it live (follow my Twitter @grenouf for real-time reports).

#3 Audrey Siegl Makes False Complaint Against Vancouver Police

Audrey Siegel and Dan Wallace with Vancouver PD

Audrey Siegel and Dan Wallace with Vancouver PD

In February Tamo Campos’ friend Dan Wallace tried to #ShutDownCanada with a coast-to-coast set of protests. The event turned out to be a massive joke, a few idiots tried to shut down a train in Saskatchewan, and Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside SJW cult used it as an opportunity to attack and bait the police.

Audrey Siegl of the North Vancouver Enbridge protest was running around banging her drum in cop’s faces when she charged past a VPD officer bumped her drum into his arm. The drum bounced off of the cop and onto her face giving her a small bruise under her lip. Siegl decided to capitalize on the incident and blame it on the cop- saying that he intentionally hit her. Unfortunately for Siegl, it was caught on video and an eyewitness said it was entirely her friend’s fault. Siegl duped the Georgia Straight into covering her story, said she planned to file a complaint, but ten months later she still hasn’t.

So, what does an SJW do to follow-up on such a stupid incident? Join Greenpeace of course!

#2 May Day Mayhem At Vancouver “Dance Party”

Dan Wallace & Harsha Walia standing at the front of the police line

Dan Wallace & Harsha Walia standing at the front of the police line

On May 1st Vancouver anarchists gathered together in East Vancouver to hold their annual May Day march. The event has experienced no shortage of violence and threatening rhetoric over the years- Dan Wallace called on protesters to “use violence against the police” in 2014, a group of idiots marched down city streets holding flaming torches in 2013. Strangely, the police let all this happen without arresting the perpetrators.

This year they held their protest as a “dance party” on Commercial Drive. Led by Wallace, and with Canada’s most prominent promoter of engaging in violent attacks on police Harsha Walia at his side, a group of thugs blasted music out of a giant speaker and started pushing their way into the cops. Organizers like Wallace & Walia walked away and went to their families that night, but an unfortunate (and severely radicalised) young man named Jakub Markiewicz ended up with a serious list of charges including assaulting a police officer.

The band of merry idiots planned another similar “street party” later in the year, but in-part due to publicity from this website’s coverage, the police spoke out as well as some members of city government. Fortunately for the people of Commercial Drive, their second attempt was a complete flop.

#1 Idiots Sabotage Enbridge Line 9

Professional protester Vanessa Gray gets her stupid on!

Professional protester Vanessa Gray gets her stupid on!

Tied for first place for the stupidest moment in 2015 social justice madness are the two December protests where morons broke and entered on Enbridge property and manually shut-down the Line 9 pipeline. The first set of idiots shut-down Line 9 at a valve station in Quebec on December 9th, followed by another group of idiots who pulled the same stunt in Sarnia, Ontario on December 22nd.

Despite the potential for creating an environmental and safety nightmare, the reckless idiots in Quebec got away with relatively light charges like mischief. The Ontario idiots got hit hard with charges including mischief over $5,000, and mischief endangering life. Adding to the idiocy, Fiji Water climate extremist Clayton Thomas-Muller of 350.org actually had the gall to speak out on behalf of a protest that had to capability to cause major damage to the environment.

Now that’s stupid!

Special Mention: OPSEU Protesters Attack Motorists!

A special mention goes to the thugs at the Ontario Public Service Employees Union who took advantage of a Liberal Party convention and used it as an opportunity to test out their thuggery skills on the 99%. Good job guys!

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