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Chris Hedges And Occupy Debate “Black Bloc” Violence

All I’ve been asking for is the same as Chris mentions in this video: Transparency, Honesty, and a Rigid adherence to nonviolence. People who are suggesting we support Black Bloc and Diversity of Tactics are clearly working for the 1%. Occupiers! When will you finally understand this! Please, realize this now- we need to move on and start …

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A Challenge For People Who Support Black Bloc Tactics

I’ve been researching & writing about Black Bloc tactics for six months now- ever since someone released the video of Harsha Walia viciously attacking Derrick O’Keefe after the ‘Heart Attack’ incident at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. I was disgusted by Harsha’s take in this video- her use of racism, sexism & classism seemed like a wholly inappropriate …

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The Story of a Psychopath, Fake Mass Graves, and a Native Uprising…

I first heard about Kevin Annett when he was coming to Occupy Vancouver. There was a debate going on already, about someone’s proposal to ‘occupy the churches’ in the name of justice for Canadian indigenous residential schools. The plan was to invade and occupy a Catholic and a United church in downtown Vancouver.

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Occupy Toronto Has A Black Bloc Problem…

When I arrived at Occupy Toronto I was told that “there are no Black Bloc at OT.” Being someone who gives the benefit of doubt, I accepted this- that said, it didn’t take long before I saw this was not true…

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Document From Last Night’s Occupy Toronto Lynch Mob

This is what happens when a minority at Occupy Toronto decide that free speech is no longer tolerable. I particularly like the part about how it is wrong for me to criticise Black Bloc– says it all…

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