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The Curious Case of Sarah Beuhler, Robocall Rallies and Openmedia.ca

One of the first times I realized something was wrong with Occupy Vancouver was an incident I had with Sarah Beuhler. I noticed during the planning meeting that Sarah was rather stand-offish when unknown people approached her (hardly the trait of a true occupier), but I had no idea how radical her views would be …

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April Fools! Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia Announce “We Love The Police Day!”

After witnessing the violence Toronto police officers imposed on Occupiers this week, and the reactions at yesterday’s occupation in front of the 52 Division police station- Alex Hundert & Harsha Walia have made a joint announcement that it is time for the people to find ways to make peace with the police.

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What Was Blackwater’s Involvement at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics?

Why am I posting a video about Blackwater (now known as Xe)? Because, they are an evil company. But, also because they were hired to provide security services at the 2012 Olympics in Vancouver!

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Alex Hundert Forsakes Homeless Occupiers!

Alex, despite his court order not to go to activist events, magically appeared at the eviction today. He’s been stalking me since October- first online, and now this is the third time he has appeared to interfere with me. I applaud his braveness for showing-up, but am seriously disappointed by his lack of will to …

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The Foibles of Ken Collier- Chair of The Council of Canadians in Red Deer

People, I’m worried about something. The more I hear about the upcoming May Day actions and General Strike, the more I get the feeling that something bad is going to happen. And, when I mean something bad- I mean violence. I started getting this feeling about a week ago, after I heard stories from people at …

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