The Curious Case of Sarah Beuhler, Robocall Rallies and

Sarah Buehler, organizer of the first Vancouver Robocall Rally

One of the first times I realized something was wrong with Occupy Vancouver was an incident I had with Sarah Beuhler. I noticed during the planning meeting that Sarah was rather stand-offish when unknown people approached her (hardly the trait of a true occupier), but I had no idea how radical her views would be until a couple of days after we opened our camp.

I was busy talking to a group of Occupiers about my feelings about Canadian police. I explained how they also are members of the 99%, and how we are lucky in Canada to have a police force who are so passive compared to other countries. It was right at that point that Sarah walked by and openly scolded me for speaking positively about the police saying: “What are you telling these people? The police are violent thugs!” (some are, but most aren’t)

It totally floored me to hear this from her. Sarah is an educated (BA Political Science from UBC) woman who, until last month, worked for a well-known lobbying organization that is effectively the Canadian version of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. That said, I was a bit naive at the time, and hadn’t spent much time studying Openmedia and it’s relationships. I’d also not seen how ugly Sarah would be to many other people yet…

Some more evidence of Sarah’s love for the Black Bloc

Have a look at Openmedia’s page of organizations who support them– it is quite an eye opener, and something I always found quite puzzling. First, they are top-heavy with unions including:

– British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF)
– Hospital Employees Union (HEU)
– National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)
– Canadian Media Guild Union
– Communications Workers of America

I was confounded by all of the union membership until today- but, I’ll get to that in a moment. First, let’s look at some of the more nefarious organizations involved with Openmedia:

The Council of Canadians (supporter of Black Bloc) (supporter of Black Bloc, attack-dog of the Marxist left)
Vancouver Media Co-Op (media wing of the Black Bloc)
W2 Media Center (as nefarious as they come)

Okay, so this explains Sarah’s hatred of the police- but, what about the connections with the unions? Openmedia puts a lot of effort into ‘fighting’ the big communications carriers and media organizations- so, why would these organization’s unions support Openmedia?

I had many assumptions- but, it was not until today that I truly understood why some unions felt motivated to support Openmedia. It turns-out that they are another TIDES Foundation/Soros schill organization. Have a look at this video from Sun Media: (yet, again, the far-right media gets it right, this is getting scary!)

So, rather than using their resources to protect digital rights & freedoms, Openmedia is now getting involved in supporting union politics? As someone who has contributed money to them in the past, I am totally appalled! It is like there’s a giant ‘conflict of interest’ light flashing on their dashboard, isn’t it?

Another interesting connection here is This organization provided speakers to both the Vancouver and the Toronto robocall rallies. I’ll be writing more about them tomorrow, as I believe the linkage here is important.

So, for all of you who wondered what Sarah’s motivations have been while she has been attacking so many people at Occupy Vancouver, here it is. She has been working for a Soros/TIDES schil organization that also has strong ties to the Black Bloc issues at the Olympics and at OV. No wonder!

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