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An Ethical Tale: Janice Abbott, Shane Ramsay & Bob (or Jane) The Accountant

Okay, so imagine for a moment that you’re on the funding committee of a government funded-organization. You’re name is Bob, and you’re one of the lucky dozen people who’ve been chosen to help approve funding & grant applicants. Bob’s all excited to be involved on such an important task. But, then, he realizes he’s stepped …

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MediaWatch: Megaphone Misses The Boat On Vancouver DTES Policing…

  Someone shared an article from Vancouver’s Megaphone magazine with me today- there’s so much wrong with this story I hardly know where to start.  The story is about how Darrell Barnes, a mentally ill man who lived in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) was shot and killed by the police. They first started shooting him …

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Vancouver Cop Watch Insults, Threatens & Spits Racist Abuse At The Police (feat. David Eby)

You may remember back in June when I covered the story of how Vancouver Cop Watch’s Jennifer Allan hoodwinked Bill Good on CKNW. Jennifer told Good that Cop Watch’s purpose was to politely observe the police, and to build positive relationships with them. I spoke with Jennifer after that, and she told me that there …

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MediaWatch: Joshua Blakeney, Robyn Heaslip And Patricia Kelly’s Stó:lo Nation Fish Story on PressTV

  The more I dig into Professor Anthony James Hall’s fish story on Iranian PressTV, the more interesting and tangled the web becomes. Today we introduce a new character, Robyn Heaslip- someone who I learned today I have a relationship with (and I didn’t even know it until now!). This story also includes Joshua Blakeney of …

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Occupy Vancouver Asseroles (sic) Go Fishing! (feat. Jennifer Allan, Mathew Kegis & Bill Good!)

A little over a month ago Jennifer Allan of Vancouver Cop Watch showed up on CKNW’s Bill Good show telling the people of Vancouver that Cop Watch’s purpose is to build bridges and make positive relations with the police. I gave her the benefit of doubt back then when I wrote my article The Head …

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