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Vancouver DTES Street Nurse Bonnie Fournier Shares Her Inside Knowledge Of Organized Crime!

  Bonnie Fournier, a retired Vancouver Coastal Health street nurse, a supposed (but rejected) witness to the crimes of Robert Pickton, and online bully expressed her in-depth knowledge of organized crime on Vancouver Cop Watch’s Facebook page yesterday!

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#MassiveFAIL: Police Use LRAD On Vancouver Casseroles Last Night!

Last night’s Casseroles march was, of course, a small group of about 20-30 idiots who felt it was permissible to block the Burrard Street Bridge last night. Somehow they thought that their ‘right to protest’ overruled the rights of 100’s of Vancouverites to travel unhindered through the city. These people really need to grow-up.

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Why Did Vancouver Cop Watch Post An Occupy Toronto Arrest Of Jayson Fleury Today?

  I just saw this posted on Vancouver Cop Watch’s Facebook page. One has to wonder why they would put-up an arrest of Jayson Fleury from last year at Occupy Toronto. This is indeed interesting- here’s the video of the arrest:

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Vancouver Cop Watch’s Jamie Stuart Richardson Arrested For Forgery!

  I’m not sure how it happens, but when I get a hunch about somebody I’m often right. Jamie Stuart Richardson is the co-founder of Vancouver Cop Watch- or, the tail that was barking as i mentioned in my story. Jamie was responsible for some of Cop Watch’s more distasteful messages like this one he …

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Occupy Vancouver’s Lauren Gill Lies On CKNW Radio!

  Lauren Gill appears to be a serial liar. First I caught her lying about me with a letter she sent to people on Cortes Island shortly after I moved there. Then, today, I caught her lying to Bill Good on CKNW radio! I like CKNW, but I must say, I really wish they would …

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