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COPE’s Tim Louis Should Be Deeply Ashamed With Himself!

  A person who is an active member of Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) came to me a couple of weeks ago and warned that Tim Louis has been hanging out with a bad crowd. I have deep trust in this source- but, I almost couldn’t believe what they said at first. I’ve met Tim a couple …

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An “Honest” Assessment Of Police Relations From A Vancouver Asseroles (sic) Arrestee

If you want to understand the mindset of the people who were arrested at last week’s Vancouver Casseroles march, there’s an interesting document that has been posted on Facebook by one of their arrestees. Interesting, in a sick & demented kind of a way that is- this guy is way off the charts on the …

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MediaWatch: David Eby Loses His Last Bit Of Credibility…

It didn’t take long for David Eby to get himself involved with that happened last night at the Vancouver Asseroles (sic) march. Of course, that is to be expected- if there is any anti-police grandstanding to be going on, Eby will most certainly want to be a part of it…

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MediaWatch: Solid Evidence That The Vancouver Media Co-Op Are Lying Hacks… (Feat. Ann Livingston!)

If you read the article I posted on last week’s Vancouver Casseroles march you will find this video amusing. Notice how it says that last week’s marchers were “unexpectedly” put into custody. This is such a complete lie! As the video I posted yesterday clearly proves, the police gave ample warning to the demonstrators to …

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Vancouver Casseroles Leftovers Gone Wild! (Featuring Cop Watch!)

Last week’s Vancouver Casseroles march was another gong show. It looks like only about a dozen people showed up- there were more police than demonstrators. One could call it another ‘leftovers’ march- but, with so few people, perhaps they should just be called scraps?

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