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Is No One Is Illegal Organizing A Treasonous Uprising?

 I’ve been aware of No One Is Illegal (NoII) for a few years now, and I thought it was a strange concept when I first heard of them. After all, how could Canada keep-up it’s social & healthcare safety nets if there was unlimited immigration? Their concept is noble, but it doesn’t appear that they …

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My Response To Kevin Annett About The Bones (and a few more issues)

Kevin,Yes, it was presumptuous of me to call you a psychopath- I have no medical evidence of this. That said, much of your writing appears to follow the traits of a psychopath. Or, at least someone who is deeply disturbed, self-serving and a bit of a megalomaniac…

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The International Socialists Want Violence In The Occupy Movement!

 I’ve always felt some trepidation towards Fox News North– but, from time-to-time, they really hit the nail on the head. It was truly a difficult decision to publish this piece on my blog because it features ‘the devil incarnate’ for progressives, Andrew Breitbart…

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The Story of a Psychopath, Fake Mass Graves, and a Native Uprising…

I first heard about Kevin Annett when he was coming to Occupy Vancouver. There was a debate going on already, about someone’s proposal to ‘occupy the churches’ in the name of justice for Canadian indigenous residential schools. The plan was to invade and occupy a Catholic and a United church in downtown Vancouver.

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Propaganda to Scare Your Pants Off…

This is scary folks. Not only because of the freakish propagandist sound of how the words are spoken, but it is scary to me because I know that this disinformation is being used to justify an uprising early this summer. I have good word that we may wake-up one day in June to discover multiple …

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