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The Evidence on Kevin Annett: Bank Transfer Receipts To His Dad…

Lydia White Calf is the wife of a residential school survivor who put a lot of her time and energy into supporting Kevin Annett. She has given him 10’s of thousands of dollars to fund his personal expenses, travel expenses and the printing of his self-published books. Over time, Lydia realized that Kevin was not …

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Kevin Annett Doesn’t Only Steal Survivor’s Stories (He steals their signatures too…)

Kevin Annett has been pulling a con-job for quite a while now. He claims to be individually responsible for bringing the issue of Indian residential schools to people’s attention, but that’s not true. It is people like Willie Blackwater who brought the story to prominence- those who spoke out publicly and shared the pain and humiliation they …

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Fresh News: Kevin Annett Keeps On Lying!

Some people, many who used to be Annett supporters (and a couple who still are) were in a conversation on Facebook about his latest shameful performance yesterday. It was an interesting thread, I learned that Kevin has labelled Max Radico of Grasshopper media as an ‘agent’. Yep, another person labelled as an agent! The only …

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Jason Bowman Poaches Kevin Annett’s Partner At The Six Nations (feat. Bill Squire)

If you were following my stories on the fake court case that Kevin Annett had claimed was filed back in early July then you will probably remember Jason Bowman. He’s the guy whose lies I exposed back then when he held a ‘press conference’ after faking to have filed a case in Toronto’s federal court. …

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MediaWatch: Professor Anthony James Hall & The Stó:lō Fish Story

So, the Stó:lō fish story continues- this time on the PressTV supported publication Veterans Today. Anthony James Hall, a professor at the University of Lethbridge, writes for Veterans Today, and has often appeared on PressTV- both publications have been backing the Stó:lō fish story. The big question I’ve been wondering is why has a government owned Iranian …

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