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Land Claims: “Citizen Prosecutor” Jason Bowman Fails The Mohawks Again! (feat. CUPE 3903)

Doreen Agostino (a new-age peddler of eternal energy machines) once said that Jason “Reacharound” Bowman was the most experienced Citizen Prosecutor she’s ever met. That’s quite the compliment- well, it is until you understand that Citizen Prosecutor was a phrase Bowman made-up to help him sound more dignified during his frauds. It’s Bowman’s way of …

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Jason “Reacharound” Bowman Screws-Over The Mohawks! (Will Bill Squire be homeless soon?)

Jason “Reacharound” Bowman is one of my favourite characters I’ve covered on my site. The above picture should help you understand why- he’s a clown, not only because of his silly facial expressions, but also because of the ridiculous nonsense that comes out of his mouth. But, along with all of the laughs he brings us, Bowman …

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Heather Martin & The Smithsonian Nail Kevin Annett (And Canada’s national security implications)

An amazing article was just released by Heather Martin last night. Heather began studying Kevin Annett ever since she learned about him while organizing a film festival. Her work has been amazing- and, today she took things one big step forward. Annett’s career in the con-artist business is officially over…

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MediaWatch: Rabble.ca, Media Co-Op & Kevin Annett’s (Continuing) Abuse Of Indigenous Communities…

After APTN’s broadcast last week, Kevin Annett’s career as a fraud is pretty-much over now. They did an excellent piece on Annett, exposed many of his lies, and interviewed some of his victims. I helped with this story- sharing my research with APTN’s Todd Lamirande back in July. My favourite part of the story was when …

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Terry Nelson & Iran: Should PressTV Be Banned From Canada?

I’ve been writing a lot about Iran’s state-owned PressTV. This station first came to my attention when they covered the story about Patricia Kelly’s criminal prosecution for illegally selling salmon. It shocked me how manipulative their coverage of this story was- it was incredibly overdramatic, and they misrepresented the truth in a number of ways. …

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