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Sakura Saunders & George Soros- Lovers In A Marxist Paradise… (featuring Franklin Lopez!)

I knew I was really onto something when I wrote my first story on Sakura Saunder’s ProtestBarrick.net. It seems that I really hit a nerve- because, the next day, she dedicated the first-ever of the hijacked Occupy Toronto general assemblies to your’s truly! They should have called the meeting ProtestGreg.net! What an honour! Equally, it was a …

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Indigenous Racism And The June 21st Uprising…

Last week I had the (dis)honour of having one of my articles republished by one of the most radical & racist websites I’ve run across. It warmed my heart to see how they labelled me as ‘a somewhat infamous White participant in the #Occupy Movement in Kanada’. That said, they should have done their research, …

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Occupy Canada Supports the 1%!

Wow, talk about your misguided occupiers! Whoever is behind the Occupy Canada account on Facebook decided they needed to vehemently support George Soros! Not only that, but they felt the need to play dirty doing it! Pay attention to who you listen to these day folks. The Occupy movement is chock full o’ shils!

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Why Are George Soros’ Marxists Targeting Peter Munk & Barrick Gold?

It was just over a month ago when I first approached the subject of Barrick Gold. I wrote a story about how Sakura Saunders had told a couple of my sources that ProtestBarrick.net had got funding through the TIDES Foundation’s money laundering facility, and how there was a potential that George Soros was using them …

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A Great Video About George Soros… (Let’s start a debate!)

This video gives a great understanding of who Soros is and what he does. Pay special attention to the word ‘globalizing’. Also pay attention to the part discussing Soros’ support of Islamic causes…

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