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The TIDES Going Out?

Watch this video if you want to understand how Canada’s far-left has sold itself out to Geoge Soros. They wouldn’t exist without his his money laundering services- things would be a lot more organic… Related articles ProtestBarrick.Net: An Example of How Soros Could Profit From Activism (genuinewitty.com)

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Ryerson Professor Winnie Ng Suports Notable Con-Artist Kevin Annett!

We have a new actor to discuss in the International Socialist’s cast-of-characters. Today I introduce to you Winnie Ng, a professor at Ryerson University who currently holds the chair for the CAW-Sam Gindin Chair in Social Justice and Democracy. Winnie’s seat was previously held by, darling of the Black Bloc Judy Rebick! The deeper I research into …

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Soros Funded Indigenous Environmental Network Promotes The Uprising!

One of my readers shared this video with me last night, and it is right on-target with my article about No One Is Illegal organizing armed uprisings. And, curiously, the video was created by the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)…

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Taylor “PottyMouth” Flook Tries To Label Me As Illegal at the No One Is Illegal March!

One of the more disturbing moments I had at yesterday’s marches was when Taylor Flook decided to go all Dave Vasey on me and start insisting I had no right to be out on Toronto’s streets! You may remember Taylor from back in February when she came out of nowhere throwing potty language and  ad-hominem …

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Occupy Toronto! Did You Ever Wonder Why You Marched For The Robin Hood Tax?

Because OPSEU & Smokey (Warren Thomas, their leader) told you to! Didn’t you know you’d have to pay for those yurts they ‘gave’ you?

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