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Why Is A Regional VP At OPSEU Making Videos About Free Trade?

Perhaps I’m missing something here- but how does free trade affect the members of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union? Shouldn’t Dave Lundy be busy representing his members rather than representing a partisan political issue like this?

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OPSEU Backs The Use of Riot Gear On Autistic Children!

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) has backed Education Assistants using martial arts blocker shields to control their autistic students. Seriously folks, this is probably the most disturbing story I’ve heard all year!

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OccuPod Destroyed by Police: Naked Occupier Arrested in Dundas Square!

 I believe it is coming to the time when Occupy Toronto need to re-think their OccuPod strategy. Because, this incident did very little good for their image…

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Alex Hundert: A Violent Offender and a Danger to Us All

One of the problems with Canada’s radical left is their tendency to make heroes out of dirty thugs. Alex Hundert is probably the best example of this madness- let me share his story with you…

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Has OPSEU’s Large Yurt (formerly of Occupy Toronto) Been Torched By an Arsonist?

I remember reading about Occupy Toronto’s yurts back when they were “donated” last year. One part of me was envious- where were Occupy Vancouver’s yurts! That said, it made sense to donate them to Occupy Toronto, as they definitely needed it for the city’s colder weather!

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