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Occupy Toronto Occupies The 52 Division To Demonstrate Against Police Violence!

It all began on Friday afternoon when officers from the Toronto Police Department came to Occupy Toronto’s new occupation at Osgoode Hall. They told the occupiers that they must leave their space, despite the fact we had explicit permission from the property manager to stay there. In the aftermath, four occupiers were arrested- two of …

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A Funny Video About Occupy Toronto

I’m unsure about the intentions of the person who made this video- so, this is not an endorsement. But, we are a healthier society if we can occasionally laugh at ourselves- and, I figured a lot of you would like to see this. So, enjoy!

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My Oppressor, Alex Hundert, As He Beer Blocs Me!

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I’ve Filed a Criminal Complaint Against Krystalline Kraus & Alex Hundert…

I learned yesterday thatĀ defamationĀ is a criminal offence in Canada- meaning, that one doesn’t have to be able to afford a lawyer to defend themselves from what Krystalline Kraus (Krystal Ann Kraus). This is good news indeed- and shows that Canada is still a just country in some ways… It was challenging at first. I walked-in …

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This Guy is Criticising My Activism (Should I take him seriously?)

Just thought I’d share something funny. Darius Mirshahi is one of my new stalkers since I moved to Ontario. He’s a half-assed rapper, and a purveyor of cheap trinkets who appears to be working on a degree in ad-hominem.

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