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[Updated] Occupy Toronto Launches A Somewhat Misleading Fundraiser! (Feat. Captain Yarr!)

UPDATE: Captain Yarr has announced that Ryerson University professor (and anarchist supporter) Judy Rebick will be joining on Saturday or Sunday to support his cop-baiting Livestream! UPDATE 2: I’ve been told that it wasn’t the wireless stick that was stolen at Zach Ruiter’s protest, but ‘something else’. What it was has not been disclosed- supposedly, …

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[Updated] Breaking: #SwampLine9 Supporters Claim Disruptions Due To Rail Sabotage…

Update: Convicted G20 ringleader Alex Hundert liked this story so much he re-tweeted it for all of his friends!   —————————————- A statement was released yesterday on an anarchist website by a group identifying themselves as “some anarchists”. In it they not only claim to have sabotaged a train line, but have also given simple …

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[Updated] Enbridge Pipeline Occupier Native Headdress Theatre (Or: #SwampLine9 protesters gone wild!)

Update: If you check out this video from the CBC you’ll see that the native protester is a young man and that the police treated him exceedingly politely. _____________________ The Line 9 pipeline pumping station hijacking is now officially over- the police came in this morning, 20 protesters were arrested and it’s been reported they’ve …

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[Updated] Is CBC Hamilton’s Reporting On The Enbridge Occupation Clueless, Biased, Or Worse? (feat. Hamilton Police)

UPDATE: One of the two people in this picture was originally identfied as Taylor Flook, who has written to me to say it wasn’t her. I am currently waiting for comment from her on who the other person is alleged to be… ______________________ It’s been frustrating watching CBC Hamilton’s coverage of the Enbridge pipeline hijacking. …

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Why It’s Wrong To Support The Enbridge Pipeline Hijackers (Especially if you’re an environmentalist…)

Some breaking news on the pipeline hijacking in Flamborough. New videos were released by the Hamilton Spectator that give more insight into the hijackers and their lack of respect for civil society- things are getting very interesting. But equally, things are looking potentially dangerous- some of Ontario’s most notorious militant cop haters now have control of …

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