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The Globe & Mail Falls Hook, Line & Sinker For Iranian TV’s Anti-Canadian Fish Story (feat. Patricia Kelly & PressTV)

Last July PressTV broadcast what was undoubtedly their greatest ever fish story. Being a propaganda arm of the Iranian government they’ve told a lot of whoppers. This story is no different that way, but it does have an amusing twist. It actually involves fish- documenting the perils faced by Patricia Kelly as she battled for …

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[Updated] Kevin Annett, The Pope, The Media Co-Op, Anonymous, The CAW, Lies And Appropriation of Indigenous Voices…

Kevin Annett was one of the worst disasters to hit Canada’s indigenous communities in the past 20 years. He’s a former United Church minister who was defrocked after losing his cool and refusing to meet with a church psychiatrist. Once he left the church he began his long-con- appropriating the voices of Indian Residential School …

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The Continuing Saga Of Jason “Reacharound” Bowman… (feat. Mohawk Workers)

Jason Bowman is a self-proclaimed ‘white saviour’. He first came to attention during the Kevin Annett fraud– when he and Annett made the (fraudulent) claim of filing a lawsuit against the Queen, the government and the Pope. Then there was Bowman’s infamous press conference where he asked me for a reacharound. Unfortunately for them, I …

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Updated: John Carten (WaterWarCrimes.com) Flunks The Kevin Annett Litmus Test®

Update: Bill Annett has written to Lydia White Calf telling her that there is another William S Annett who is his son and works for a pharmaceutical company in San Francisco. This may, or may not be true- from my experience with the Annett’s, they are not reliable sources… ——————– One of the most wacky, …

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MediaWatch: Zach Ruiter, Toronto Media Co-Op & BannockGate!

  Update: Zach Ruiter is no longer working with the TMC, but he did produce this video while with them. An intrepid young reporter for the Toronto Media Co-Op (TMC) put together an interesting video titled Bannock Canadian Comfort Food? Devouring Culture. It’s a story about natives, anarchists, YouTube, political correctness and Scottish flat breads. And, just for some …

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