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Occupy Toronto Occupies The 52 Division To Demonstrate Against Police Violence!

It all began on Friday afternoon when officers from the Toronto Police Department came to Occupy Toronto’s new occupation at Osgoode Hall. They told the occupiers that they must leave their space, despite the fact we had explicit permission from the property manager to stay there. In the aftermath, four occupiers were arrested- two of …

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Officer Roadkill: “Do us all a favour and run them over!”

Today was a challenging day- both for Occupiers, and for the police. Fortunately, the majority of police acted in an entirely professional manner. And, yes, that was expected- after yesterday’s brutal violence, it was doubtful many cops would want to escalate further.

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Toronto Police Lie About Altercation with Occupiers!

I am still deeply disturbed with what happened yesterday at Osgoode Hall. Yes. the Occupiers could have handled the situation better. However, the level of violence was uncalled for, and the police should have been better trained how to de-escalate the situation. Instead, they got violent and created a major incident.

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Police Violence At Occupy Toronto’s New Occupation…

You know me, I’m the guy who stood-up at the planning meeting for Occupy Vancouver and stuck-out like a sore thumb after saying “Aren’t the police members of the 99%?” I meant that then, as I mean it now- that said, the police who came to our encampment at Occupy Toronto today have shown that …

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My Disillusionment With the Toronto Robocall Rally…

The moment I heard about the Toronto Robocall rally I knew I must get involved. I was deeply disturbed to hear about the possibility that someone┬ámanipulated┬áCanada’s last election, and I wanted to help effect change. But, this wasn’t my main motivation- there are bigger fish to fry…

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