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My Disillusionment With the Toronto Robocall Rally…

The moment I heard about the Toronto Robocall rally I knew I must get involved. I was deeply disturbed to hear about the possibility that someone┬ámanipulated┬áCanada’s last election, and I wanted to help effect change. But, this wasn’t my main motivation- there are bigger fish to fry…

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A Funny Video About Occupy Toronto

I’m unsure about the intentions of the person who made this video- so, this is not an endorsement. But, we are a healthier society if we can occasionally laugh at ourselves- and, I figured a lot of you would like to see this. So, enjoy!

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Occupy Toronto Re-Occupies Osgoode Hall!

I was at the Grange Park on Sunday evening talking with the homeless occupiers about their plans to move- as posted on the above eviction notice, they had to move-out the next day. The told my they were planning to re-occupy the space they were at in January & February- behind Osgoode Hall.

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Alex Hundert Forsakes Homeless Occupiers!

Alex, despite his court order not to go to activist events, magically appeared at the eviction today. He’s been stalking me since October- first online, and now this is the third time he has appeared to interfere with me. I applaud his braveness for showing-up, but am seriously disappointed by his lack of will to …

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Rabble.ca Slanders Yours Truly!

It appears that Rabble.ca has decided to open itself to the legal liability of slandering me! Have a listen to the audio stream below- fast forward to 14:14 an you can hear the lies about me. Great work Rabble! I’ve been waiting for this moment!

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