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An Experiment in Logic With An Occupy Toronto Marshal! (or, Kafka Blushed!)

I had an interesting conversation a couple of nights ago with an Occupy Toronto ‘marshal’- it was very enlightening, so I thought I’d share it with you all. I’m uncertain about his loyalties, whether they are towards OT, or for an external influencer- so I will refrain from naming him at the moment…

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Occupy Toronto! Are You a Man or a Movement? (or a bad joke…)

Dear Occupy Toronto, I’ve spent the past few weeks avoiding writing this essay. Yes, I’ve addressed the actions of a few individuals but this is the first time I’ve written to call ALL of you to account. So please listen closely…

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I’ve Filed a Criminal Complaint Against Krystalline Kraus & Alex Hundert…

I learned yesterday that¬†defamation¬†is a criminal offence in Canada- meaning, that one doesn’t have to be able to afford a lawyer to defend themselves from what Krystalline Kraus (Krystal Ann Kraus). This is good news indeed- and shows that Canada is still a just country in some ways… It was challenging at first. I walked-in …

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Socialist (Marxist) Agenda? Dave Vasey Strikes Again!

I came across this article today-¬†Understanding and Learning from Occupy Toronto. It quotes Dave Vasey, and a couple of other people from Occupy Toronto giving very biased views on what’s happening at OT. In particular, I find it somewhat disturbing how Dave makes the assumption that occupiers should agree with the “Anti-Oppression” agenda. Because, many …

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Harsha Walia & Harjap Grewal (Council of Canadians) Wearing Masks At the G20?

And, does this make them terrorists?

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