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BullyWatch: Stainsby & Vasey- Two Douchbags In A Pod…

Please Note: This is the first time I’ve used ‘name calling’. This is something I’ve avoided since the attacks and name calling began against me- but, people who attack other’s families deserve no less in my opinion….I’ll never forget the moment I told Dave Vasey that I knew about his connection to Macdonald Stainsby. It …

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A Letter to the People Who Led The Lynch Mob Against Me

Below is a copy of an email I sent this morning to: Dave Vasey, Taylor Flook &  Rob Chamberland: _________________________________________________ Hi, What happened on Wednesday was a disgrace to our movement. The three of you were key in orchestrating this, and I expect you to take responsibly for your actions and set things straight before this all goes …

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Update On The Lynch Mob Story- Occupy Police to the Rescue!

Those of you who have been following me for a while will remember the incident back in December when I engaged Occupy Police to help with all of the abuse I was receiving from Harsha Walia & others. They came to the rescue during a heated debate and made things clear- violence is not acceptable …

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Analysis of an Occupy Toronto Lynch Mob!

What happened at the Occupy Toronto General Assembly last night left me deeply saddened. I was invited to this meeting to discuss people’s allegations against me, and was fully prepared to do this- wasted two days preparing a thorough response. Then, when I arrived, Alex Hundert (head of AW@L, friend of Harsha Walia, and no …

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BullyWatch: Judy Rebick Supports The Man Who Assaulted Me Last Night!


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