An Experiment in Logic With An Occupy Toronto Marshal! (or, Kafka Blushed!)

Franz Kafka with his dog spot…

I had an interesting conversation a couple of nights ago with an Occupy Toronto ‘marshal’- it was very enlightening, so I thought I’d share it with you all. I’m uncertain about his loyalties, whether they are towards OT, or for an external influencer- so I will refrain from naming him at the moment…

We had a chat about the “screenshots” from Krystalline Kraus’ Facebook page that were produced as “evidence” that I sexually harassed her. This was the key evidence produced against me, and a tangible piece of evidence that can be disproved.

You see, I never wrote anything on her Facebook page- and, now that I’ve heard about some of the content, I can attest that the words on this evidence are words I’ve never used before anywhere on Facebook. This will be confirmed when the police investigation (that I called for) is finished. Facebook NEVER erases anything, and we will recover the history of my postings in Facebook to prove it!

I asked this Marshal (who claims to have a copy of the “screenshots” if I could have a copy of them. He refused “for privacy reasons, and I was asked not to share them.” And, he said, he needed to protect the names of the people who submitted them from me. Now, I’ve heard that PottyMouth (Taylor) has also claimed harassment, this goes further to prove that…

So, I decided to engage in a Socratic dialog with him to show where there is a major gap in logic:

Me: “Say what? If I wrote these words, why can’t I see them?”

Him: “I need to protect the privacy of the people who submitted it.”

Me: “If I wrote the words, wouldn’t I know who submitted this?”

Him: “I promised to keep it private.”

Me: “Nobody will agree to release it to me- is that not problematic? Why would that me”

Him: “There could be many reasons for that!”

Me: “So, if they refuse to release it to me, how can you believe it as evidence!”

Him: “I believe in what I see with my own eyes.”

Me: “But couldn’t this have been doctored?”

Him: “I believe in what I see with my own eyes!”

Me: “But, if it is requested to keep me from seeing it, doesn’t that tip the balance towards my side?”

Him: “I believe in what I see with my own eyes, there could be other reasons they don’y want you to see.”

Me: “Like what? “

Him: “I believe in what I see with my own eyes.”

He also discussed how he was involved with the “early investigation of Greg before he arrived.”

Okay, now I get it, the Marshals are a team of Kafkaesque secret police! Can we just call them the “OccuStazi” from now on?

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